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1-800-Flowers Diamonds and Rubies – Are Diamonds her Best Friend?

1-800-Flowers Diamonds and Rubies – Are Diamonds her Best Friend?

The Diamonds and Rubies bouquet from 1-800-Flowers is dazzling in many ways. Firstly, it features three dozen fresh, long-stem red roses, making it a great present to give your special someone as a way to express your love. Secondly, it includes a prism vase designed from diamonds and rubies; that sparkling element truly appeals to a recipient who believes the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Why Give the Red Roses as a Gift?

The red roses in the Diamonds and Rubies arrangement make a sensational present because of what this type of flower symbolizes. Indeed, it has long been believed that roses symbolize love and beauty. Roses that are red are particularly the ones to give your wife or girlfriend as they are symbols of passion and love.

Therefore, giving her three dozen of these fresh red roses, peaked at perfection, says, “I love you” in a very beautiful way. It is a romantic gesture for her that is great for her birthday, your anniversary together, Valentine’s Day or other day when you want to express your adoration for her.

Diamonds and Rubies Bouquet – Does She Like Receiving Jewels?

The creative part of the lush bouquet is the prism vase it comes with. Across the 8-inch high vase are sparkling rubies and diamonds; they are meant to be an outer liner to the vase. The gems are sure to catch her eye and have her smiling as she realizes you understand her love for jewels. Plus, the gems compliment the lush green stems and beautiful red shade of the roses very well.

Pricing and Delivery of the Diamonds and Rubies Bouquet

Given that the sparkling vase is included within the Diamonds and Rubies bundle, the price of $189.99 is not out of line. The roses are delivered in bloom, picked from first-rate floral farms.

Overnight delivery is available for the Diamonds and Rubies bouquet, to ensure that she receives the flowers in optimal condition. Delivery is done through a local florist that acts on behalf of 1-800-Flowers.

Upgrades for the Present

To make the romantic gift extra special, 1-800-Flowers offers two additions, for a little more money. One option is to add a SWAROVSKI® heart pendant, which comes with a modern cable chain; the heart is rhodium plated in clear, crystal pave, and the chain is 15.5 inches long. The jewelry compliments the jeweled vase beautifully. For this upgrade, the price is $289.99.

Another option is to add a heart-shaped box of mouth-watering Harry London® chocolates. The 4.75-ounce box is an assorted mix that is sure to appeal to her sweet tooth. Imagine receiving flowers, jewels and chocolate – now that is an exciting, romantic gift!

For a beautiful present she loves, the Diamonds and Rubies package is an excellent choice. It combines three dozen red roses, which are traditionally symbols of love, with a vase outlined with sparkling gems. What a delightful combination! She is sure to adore how thoughtful you are for giving her the stunning present on her birthday, Valentine’s Day or other special day.

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