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1-800-Flowers Sweetest Love Tulips – Will Your Sweetheart Feel the Love?

1-800-Flowers Sweetest Love Tulips – Will Your Sweetheart Feel the Love?

The Sweetest Love Tulips bouquet from 1-800-Flowers is delightfully romantic, composed of beautiful, fresh tulips. With 15 stems total, the arrangement holds a combination of red, pink and white tulips. It is a great way to say “I love you” to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary or other romantic day.

Why Choose Tulips?

Tulips are a popular flower for several reasons. They are beautiful when they bloom and have a fresh scent to them. There is something charming about a high quality tulip arrangement.

This type of bloom also is a symbol of perfect love. They convey deeper emotions too in the different colors of the Sweetest Love Tulips bouquet. The red tulips symbolize love, while pink tulips speak of affection. As for the white ones, they convey purity and forgiveness.

Given what the flowers in the Sweetest Love Tulips bouquet symbolize, the arrangement makes a great gift for your sweetheart. Perhaps you plan to have it delivered on Valentine’s Day or her birthday. Whichever way you plan it, you are sure to create a memorable occasion!

Add-Ons for the Sweetest Love Tulips

There are a few extra options available for this gift that 1-800-Flowers provide. For example, add a box of delicious Harry London® assorted chocolates to the gift for a bit more money than the arrangement alone. The 4.75 ounces of chocolates come in a heart-shaped box, adding another layer of romance to the lovely blooms.

Another available option is the white Honee Bear, a soft teddy bear that the recipient will want to cuddle immediately. This 8-inch high bear has a pink bow in satin and a heart on its paw; it is safe for ages three and older. You can even add all add-ons to provide the beloved, ultimately romantic present of flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear.

The Sweetest Love Tulips: Pricing and Delivery Review

Pricing for this bouquet is affordable, but the drawback is that it does not have a vase included. Luckily most people have a vase already in the home to use. Within a glass vase, the arrangement looks splendid. The mix of tulips complement each other well when on display.

Perhaps making up for the lack of vase is the fast delivery of the Sweetest Love Tulips. At 1-800-Flowers, this item ships overnight to make sure it’s fresh for your recipient. In addition, the tulips come as buds so that they are enjoyable longer than if they arrive already in bloom; they usually reach blooming perfection two to three days after they are delivered. The flowers are delivered via the local 1-800-Flowers provider.

The Sweetest Love Tulips bouquet is enchanting, composed of 15 stems of pink, red and white tulips. Arranged by renowned floral retailer 1-800-Flowers, this fresh bouquet is romantic as it is full of flowers that symbolize love. Give this memorable, lovable gift to your sweetheart on a birthday, wedding anniversary or “just because.” Tulips are a classic type of flower that have a pleasant, light scent, which makes them popular with many people. Create a memorable occasion as you arrange for these flowers to deliver to your special someone today.

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