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15 Sweetheart Tulips

15 Sweetheart Tulips

The incomparable beauty and captivating essence of flowers cannot possibly be expressed through words. Flowers are a wonderful creation of God and they have a special place in human life. They interpret emotions in such a pleasant way that nobody can ignore. Tulips are one of the most popular flowers used in bouquets around the world. Proflowers.com, an online gift and flower shop provides a wide range of tulip bouquets and 15 Sweetheart Tulips is one of their beautiful flower arrangements.

15 Sweetheart Tulips includes beautiful colors like pink, red and white. The pink tulips are a symbol of attachment and care. They also symbolize good will and good wishes. The white tulips represent innocence, purity, respect, forgiveness and apology. They also symbolize a new beginning. The red tulips in this bouquet signify romance and deep love. It is a very classic way to express love and say “I Love You”. Like red roses, the red tulips are also a traditionally used flower for expression of love all around the world and it is also widely used in Valentine’s Day bouquets. The combination of beautiful red, pink and white tulips is ideal for many occasions including the Valentine’s Day.

The 15 Sweetheart Tulips bouquet can be sent to someone special on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries and promotions. The flowers interpreting love, care, innocence and purity are ideal to send to a woman who is respected and loved by the sender, such woman may be a mother, a daughter, a sister or a beloved friend also. This bouquet can also be gifted to a loved one on their new beginning in their life. It can be gifted on a promotion, a new job or on a housewarming party. The 15 Sweetheart Tulips bouquet comes in four different arrangements. The first arrangement includes 15 pink, red and white tulip stems, it measures 14”H and it costs19.99.

The second arrangement is named 20 Sweetheart Tulips, it includes 20 tulip flowers, it measures 14”H and it costs additional $9.99. Proflowers.com provides an option for selection of vase with these two arrangements. The options include a Damask Vase for $14.99, an Elegant Ruby Vase for $12.99, a clear Square Glass Vase for $9.99 and a Ginger Glass Vase for $6.99. They can also be ordered for delivery without vase. The third arrangement is called Double the Tulips, it includes 30 tulips and it measures 16”H. This arrangement costs additional $19.98 and the options of vase for this bouquet include a Cherry Red Vase for $14.99 and a Glass Tulip Vase for $6.99. It can also be ordered without a vase.

The fourth arrangement includes the gift delivery for two days; the first day includes a delivery of 15 Sweetheart Tulips and the second day delivery includes 6 Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries. It can be selected without a vase and with a vase that can be selected as a damask vase, elegant ruby vase, glass ginger vase or a square glass vase. The 15 Sweetheart Tulips bouquet is not available for Same-Day delivery while an order can be placed for the Standard Delivery. This amazingly beautiful bouquet is sure to bring a big smile on the recipient’s face and make them happy.

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