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18 Long Stemmed Red Roses

18 Long Stemmed Red Roses

Saying ‘I love you’ to a loved one can be the simplest and yet the hardest thing you might have to do. People look for new ways to express their feelings of love for their special ones. Some people need something to let someone know of their feelings because they can’t say the words themselves, and some people look for new ways to say those three words. Flowers are an effective way to get the job done as every flower has its own meaning related to human sentiments, but flowers are generally taken as a symbol for love. But there are some flowers which have meanings of love so strong that nothing can compete with them, and the red rose is ahead of the pack.

A new arrangement of ’18 Long Stemmed Red Roses’ is the solution to your problems, presented to you by proflowers.com. As the name suggests, ’18 Long Stemmed Red Roses’ is an arrangement of red roses to let your special person know that you love them. It also contains baby’s breath and greenery.  It can be the perfect gift on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day etc. to be given to your girlfriend or wife, or a close friend.

Roses are generally taken as the symbol for love. Where that is basically true, many different colors of the rose mean different things. Among them, the red rose is the most universally accepted symbol for romantic love. They are used in paintings and art as well, to signify feelings of love. Wedding ceremonies make use of the red rose too. Among all flowers, the red rose makes the strongest statement of love.

Coupled with other flowers, the red roses can create stunning bouquets with their bright color, but like in the ’18 Long Stemmed Red Roses’, if the whole arrangement comprises of red roses, then that is definitely going to make an impact on the recipient’s heart. The use of contrast through the use of the baby’s breath is an appreciated one, as it really accentuates the whole arrangement. Baby’s breath also adds to the meaning with associations with words like love, loyalty, and purity.

’18 Long Stemmed Red Roses’ can be availed at proflowers.com for $64.97 with a 7-day freshness guarantee. It comes with 18 stems, at a height of approximately 20″. Proflowers also lets you add to the package by getting 24 stems instead of 18 for only $4.99 more and similarly you could get 36 stems with the Ruby Gathering Vase. It also stands at 20″ high. The orders are not available for same-day delivery.

Red roses can be the answer to all your questions regarding the expression of your love for someone. ’18 Long Stemmed Red Roses’ really is an arrangement that can get your messages of love across and bring smiles to faces. The rose is the universal symbol for love and is instantly recognizable, which will add to the beauty of someone’s house. It is something that catches attention, especially with the Ruby Gathering Vase, which adds a touch of elegance in it. If you want to let someone know how you feel, or want to start a new love, or just want to do something special for your loved ones, you can’t really go wrong with ’18 Long Stemmed Red Roses’

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