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The 18 Red Velvet Roses

The 18 Red Velvet Roses

Red roses are more than just flowers. These roses have become the true representation of passionate love. Presence of these beautiful flowers is seen and felt everywhere in life be it poetry, any form of art, photography, painting and etc. it is a definitive sign of love and found to be a popular flower among lovers around the world. Proflowers.com is an online gift and flower shop which provides a huge collection of beautiful flower arrangements and 18 Red Velvet Roses is one of their special flower arrangements for special persons and special occasions.

The most popular and obvious meaning of red rose is affection and deep love. In 18th century, a unique and special language of rose evolved as a way of communication between the lovers who had passionate love for each other but could not express. And later, due to this tradition red rose became a symbol of true love. This beautiful flower denotes an everlasting love which is stronger than the thorns and which can outlive all the obstacles of the world. Red roses in 18 Red Velvet Roses bouquet also symbolize courage.

The 18 Red Velvet Roses bouquet is an ideal gift for giving to someone special on Valentine’s Day. It has the ability to convey the message of true love and passion without even saying anything. It is an ideal way to bring a smile on a wife’s face on wedding anniversary. It can also be sent to someone special for no apparent reason but just to tell them that they are deeply and passionately loved. It can also be sent to someone special on their happy occasions like birthdays, graduations, promotions and any other significant day in their lives.

The 18 Red Velvet Roses bouquet comes in three different arrangements. The first arrangement includes 18 red velvet roses, it is named as 18 Red Velvet Roses and it costs $59.99. Proflowers.com also provides an option to choose a suitable vase with this bouquet. The options for selection of vase includes a Damask vase for $14.99, an elegant ruby vase for $12.99, a clear square shaped glass vase for $9.99 and a clear glass ginger vase for $6.99. It can also be ordered for delivery without any vase.

The second arrangement includes 36 long-stemmed rich red roses with baby’s breath and greenery placed in a ruby gathering vase. It is named as Three Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses with Ruby Vase, it measures approximately 20”H and it costs additional $39.96. The third arrangement is named as Double the roses. It contains 36 stems of beautiful red velvet roses and it costs additional $39.99. There is also an option for selection of vase with this third arrangement. The choice of vase includes a red colored ruby gathering vase for $14.99 and a clear glass tulip vase for $6.99. It can also be sent without any vase.

The 18 Red Velvet Roses bouquet is not available for Same-Day delivery. It can be ordered for Standard Delivery only. The proflowers.com guarantees the flowers of this bouquet to remain fresh for at least seven days which makes it an ideal bouquet for someone special so that they can keep the beautiful flowers with them longer.

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