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The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD – Send a Hug to Anyone

The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD – Send a Hug to Anyone

There are some times when everyone could use a hug.  Whether they aren’t feeling well or they are just not having a good day, sometimes a hug can make anyone feel better.   That is when something like The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD is needed.    Full of Peruvian lilies in beautiful lavender, mini carnations in magenta, and gorgeous greens, this lovely bouquet comes in a ceramic vase in pale green and is finished off with an adorable teddy bear hugging the vase.  It’s a great gift that can cheer anyone up.

Occasions for which The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD is a great gift

One of the best reasons you can give someone The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD is when they have been sick. Everyone has times when they are sick, whether it’s with a cold or with something more serious and they are in the hospital. Whether it’s just something small or something serious, everyone could use The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD.  You can send it to someone who is in the hospital or you can send it to someone at their home. Either way, sending someone who is sick this bouquet will help them feel better.

Another good reason that you can send someone The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD is for a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday.  Whether someone is celebrating their birthday or it’s for a holiday such as Mother’s Day, sending someone The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD is going to make the day even more special. With the beautiful flowers and the adorable little bear hugging the vase, this bouquet is something that will bring them joy on their special day.   Send it to someone who is celebrating a birthday or make a holiday special with it, and you’ll see that they are very pleased.

Once you decide to send The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD to someone, you will then need to choose the right bouquet for them and figure out whether or not you want to add anything extra. There are three different sizes that you can choose from and there are additional items that you can send with the bouquet – chocolates, a card, or a balloon. This allows you to customize the bouquet for your recipient to suit your needs.  The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD is a great gift for anyone. You make it the right gift for the person to whom you’re sending it.

Anyone can use a good hug now and then, and with The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD, you can send a hug to anyone, no matter how far apart the two of you are.  Warm up their heart and give them a reason to smile with this beautiful and thoughtful bouquet. No matter how bad their day is going, you can be sure that this is going to make their day a lot better for them.  For all reasons or for no reason at all, this bouquet of flowers is a gift from the heart.

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