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Birthday Bash Wine Glass – Want to Make it a Special Birthday?

Birthday Bash Wine Glass – Want to Make it a Special Birthday?

Get ready for a party! The Birthday Bash Wine Glass from 1-800-Flowers is a gorgeous long stemmed clear wine glass with multi colored lettering spelling out “Birthday Bash”, as well as streamers and balloons painted onto it in all different bright and fun colors. The designs even extend all the way to the bottom of this glass. This makes a perfect gift for a friend or other loved one who has a birthday coming up. The Birthday Bash Wine Glass costs $24.99, which is quite the deal.


This amazing Birthday Bash Wine Glass features a great drink recipe at the bottom of it. The Birthday Bash Wine Glass weighs 15 oz., and it comes in a beautiful coordinating gift box. Make it a birthday to remember when you order this fun glass for your significant other, friend, sister, cousin, or someone else who is special to you.


Have Fun with the Birthday Bash Wine Glass


If you are planning on throwing a surprise party, or just a more intimate gathering for the birthday boy or girl, why not order several of the Birthday Bash Wine Glass? That way, everyone at the party can join in on the fun time and have matching glasses. You can make the “Birthday Bash” recipe that is included along with the glass for a wonderful drink that everyone can enjoy at the party.


The Birthday Bash Wine Glass is something that the person is going to want to keep for a long time to remember this special day. Even if you can not be there physically, you can be there in spirit and wish him or her a happy birthday when you send the Birthday Bash Wine Glass to him or her. This is a gift that certainly will put a smile on your loved one’s face, and make him or her very happy. Even if the person does not drink often, this makes a great novelty item to remember the big day, and will be appreciated very much.


Make It an Occasion to Remember with the Birthday Bash Wine Glass


Birthdays are a very special time, and there are certain ones that mark a new era in one’s life. The 21st birthday is one that is celebrated in a big way by many people, because it is when people can legally begin drinking in the U.S. If you know of someone who is turning 21, why not order him or her the delightful Birthday Bash Wine Glass from 1-800-Flowers? There are several other birthdays that are momentous, such as the 30th and 40th , among others. It will be even more special when the birthday girl or boy has this Birthday Bash Wine Glass to drink an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage from.


You also can purchase the Birthday Bash Wine Glass for someone when it is not his or her birthday, as a nice memento to hold on to for that big day or any occasion. It is a very festive choice when having a party or a big dinner. Purchase the Birthday Bash Wine Glass for somebody special today, but make sure that you order it early enough so that it arrives on the day you want it to arrive.

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