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Birthday Flower Cake Pastel – An Innovative Substitute to Classic Bouquets

Birthday Flower Cake Pastel – An Innovative Substitute to Classic Bouquets

1-800-Flowers is one of the best places to find a large variety of flowers and beautiful, unique arrangements that can add grace and elegance to any event. Of their wonderful collection, one of the best choices for a birthday is the Birthday Flower Cake Pastel. A perfect combination of delicate, pastel-colored flowers, this floral cake is ideal for birthday decorations and as a gift. While it’s not really edible, this beautiful floral cake by 1-800-Flowers looks good enough to eat.

Why the Birthday Flower Cake Pastel

The Birthday Flower Cake Pastel is an artfully crafted masterpiece of floral décor. Made from different pastel-colored flowers, including poms and carnations, the bouquet is hand-crafted and designed in a cake-shaped arrangement using floral foam as the base. On the top, a single pastel pink rose lies in all its blooming glory. To add an even more elegant and wonderful aura to this unique arrangement, a fluffy white cake skirt and some candles are also used on this floral cake.

When Should You Get This Arrangement

The pastel carnations used in the Birthday Flower Cake Pastel signify pure love, innocence, fascination and a promise of never forgetting those receiving them. Meanwhile, the single pale pink rose on the top of this beautiful arrangement signifies joy and grace. For a happy and joyous occasion like a birthday, this combination of pastel flowers is the perfect gift for someone significant and influential in your life. In addition, it can be used for events like anniversaries and weddings.

Specifications You Should Know

Now that you know about the bouquet’s appearance, you may be interested in its specifications. The Birthday Flower Cake Pastel measures 7”H x 8”W and is available for $39.99. To make this birthday gift even more perfect, you can add several other gift items. A Mylar Happy Birthday festive balloon can be added for $5 and an 8 oz. box of assorted chocolates for $15. You can also add the chocolates, balloon and a 10”L plush bear in brown for an additional $40. With all these things combined, this can be a great birthday gift for anyone special.

How to Get the Birthday Flower Cake Pastel

You can easily place an order for the Birthday Flower Cake Pastel via 1-800-Flowers’ website. The company has a large network of florists who hand-craft each cake with the freshest flowers available. Packed in a bakery box, this wonderful bouquet will be delivered by florists to your doorstep. However, you can also get them delivered through courier companies like FedEx and UPS. Regardless of which method you choose, take care of these beautiful flowers the right way to make them last for days after being delivered.

The Birthday Flower Cake Pastel is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flower arrangements you will come across. With its pastel colors and unique arrangement, this cake-shaped bouquet has what it takes to add elegance, class and sophistication to its surrounding. It can go perfectly with any birthday or wedding party theme that you have selected and be used for decorating the venue in the most elegant and romantic way. So don’t hesitate to order it if you like what you’ve read.

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