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Blooming Bounty Bouquet by FTD

Blooming Bounty Bouquet by FTD

What better way is there to brighten someone’s day than with a basket of flowers? The Blooming Bounty Bouquet by FTD is just such a pretty basket. It’s lush flowers and vibrant colors will brighten up any room and switch anyone’s mood from gloomy to sunny.

Creating the Blooming Bounty Bouquet Floral Arrangement:

The Blooming Bounty Bouquet floral arrangement by FTD all starts with a pretty basket with a cute little handle. The basket is then filled until it is nearly overflowing with white, green, purple, and pink flowers, which are sure to remind the recipient of a sunny spring day. It is all topped off with a pretty green ribbon.

The Beautiful Flowers in the Blooming Bounty Bouquet:

The Blooming Bounty Bouquet consists of several different flowers. One of those flowers is the white pompon, which is also called a spray chrysanthemum. They are known for symbolizing innocence. Green button pompons are also included. They are sometimes called button mums as well. They are a sign of optimism and hope. So, they are perfect flowers to give when you are trying to cheer someone up.

The other flowers that make up the Blooming Bounty Bouquet by FTD are carnations. The arrangement includes both pink and purple carnations. Carnations were known for representing good luck in Victorian times. They were considered a symbol of healing throughout the Renaissance. So, they can be used to say “I hope you feel better soon.” They can also be meant to show that you hope someone’s luck turns around. Their brilliant, cheerful colors are sure to bring a ray of sunshine into any space.

There are also meanings behind the specific colors of the carnations in this beautiful arrangement by FTD. Pink carnations are traditionally given on Mother’s Day, but they symbolize the fact that you think of the person you are giving them to often. Purple carnations are an indication that you think the recipient is impetuous and impulsive, or that you are the one that is impulsive or impetuous.

The Blooming Bounty Bouquet Customization Options:

One of the great things about the Blooming Bounty Bouquet by FTD is that you can choose to customize it. The basic basket costs $39.99, features 9 stems, and measures around 9 inches high and 12 inches wide. The next size up, called “Full and Lush,” features 15 stems and costs $10 more. It is about two inches taller than the small arrangement. The third option is “Bountiful Blooms.” It costs $69.99 and features a full, beautiful bouquet of 20 stems.

The FTD Freshness Guarantee:

The Blooming Bounty Bouquet from FTD is a great gift, not just because it is a beautiful basket of flowers, but also because it is guaranteed by FTD. As one of the most well-known floral companies, FTD has a reputation for honesty and perfection. They will have one of their trusted local florists put together your arrangement and deliver it to the recipient. You can even choose same-day delivery, if you want to.

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