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Charming Rose Garden Bouquet – Would You Like to Brighten Someone’s Day?

Charming Rose Garden Bouquet – Would You Like to Brighten Someone’s Day?

When you are looking for the ideal bouquet to get for someone who you care about, consider choosing the Charming Rose Garden floral arrangement. It features blooming rose plants in pink and yellow. The roses are placed in a basket that is meant to look like a white picket fence, and there is a pink, yellow, and green plaid bow on it. This is an amazing bouquet that anyone is sure to be happy with. Order one for your loved one from 1-800-Flowers today.


You can choose between two different options when you order your Charming Rose Garden bouquet. There is the Charming Rose Garden bouquet with small bow which costs $34.99, and the Charming Rose Garden bouquet with large bow costs $54.99. No matter which one you decide to give to someone, you can trust in 1-800-Flowers to have high quality arrangements that everyone will love.


This plant measures at 10 in. tall, and the basket itself stands at 6.75 in. tall. Once the blooms on the rose plant have totally grown in, you can plant it outside as a perennial. Enjoy having these wonderful blooms in your garden every year. Welcome spring with these absolutely beautiful, bright and colorful flowers from 1-800-Flowers.


Pick the Charming Rose Garden Bouquet for Your Loved One


The Charming Rose Garden bouquet is delivered by UPS or FedEx. Be sure to order it in time for your loved one’s birthday or other special day, so that he or she will receive it then. The floral arrangements are placed in a sealed box to protect them from the elements. This bouquet is something that is sure to put a big smile on his or her face, and lend a nice touch to any home or office. The Charming Rose Garden arrangement is one that will make whoever receives it think warm thoughts, even in the winter.


All Types of Flowers Have Different Meanings


Each and every flower out there has a special meaning that has been ascribed to it. They each inspire certain emotions and thoughts in whoever sees and smells them, and they also each have a history to them. Roses specifically represent love, appreciation, and devotion. The yellow roses represent joy, friendship, and warmth. Pink roses represent grace and elegance, as well as appreciation and joyfulness. This combination makes it a wonderful gift to give to a dear friend or even someone who has helped you in some way.


A Floral Bouquet for Any and All Occasions


Any time that you have a special occasion coming up, it is important to find just the right kind of gift for the person of honor. Whether it is someone’s birthday, or someone you know has graduated, is getting married or there is some other big event or occasion going on, think about ordering the amazing Charming Rose Garden bouquet for him or her. It is sure to be a hit with your mother, sister, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone else who you would like to give something to brighten his or her day.

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