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Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant by FTD

Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant by FTD

The Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant, designed by FTD, is a bright, cheerful arrangement of red roses with green lush foliage that will make a delightful and aesthetically appealing gift for any recipient. Whether to convey a feeling of respect, gratitude or love this mini plant of blooming red roses accompanied by a free box of delicious designer chocolate will be a welcome addition to a gift, a note expressing best wishes for a relative or a loved one, or as a stand alone present.

The Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant is arranged in a decorative, inspired by a paint bucket, dark red vase with a silver handle that matches the color of the petals and adds elegance and style. The beauty and charm of red roses is perfect aesthetic addition to any location in a home or an office and regardless of the colors. It adds life and shines into a lightly colored room while aligning perfectly with a dark colored area.

The Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant comes in one size presented in a bucket and accompanied with a box of chocolate to make the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. Available off the FTD website for $19.99 only, it is a very affordable present and a great investment, as rose plants are known for longevity.

What differentiates the Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant?

The Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant from a floral arrangement is different because it is a plant instead of a cut out stems of flowers and hence it is designed to last for a long time. It is perfect for anyone with a green thumb or any recipient who enjoys having plants in their backyards or even inside their homes. On the plus side, it does not require much care, so the recipient does not need to an expert gardener.

Red roses represent deep emotions of love, courage, admiration and respect. While the Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant may not be the appropriate gift for every simple occasion, it is certainly great to be gifted to loved ones and those you want to show great respect to. For occasions signaling achievements or successes such as graduation or opening a business or simply to say “I love you”, you should consider gifting this plant.

The Color Your Day Mini Rose Plant is available to purchase online off the FTD website and will be delivered to you or your recipient, via UPS or FedEx, on the next day as long as you order by 2 p.m. EST, any day between Tuesday and Saturday. In addition to the free chocolate box, your order is eligible for a complementary personalized message that you can customize at the time of placing your order.

This special gift is perfect for a special loved one.In addition to its beauty and fresh look, it is considered a sign of courage and respect and can be gifted in endless occasions. Mini rose plants are delightful, require little effort and will last for a very long time.

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