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Colorful Connection Bouquet – For Those Seeking Perfectly Romantic and Exquisite Flowers

Colorful Connection Bouquet – For Those Seeking Perfectly Romantic and Exquisite Flowers

At FTD, you can find the largest variety of fresh, beautiful and exotic flowers, all of which are hand-picked and arranged in the most captivating arrangements for different occasions. The Colorful Connection Bouquet is a beautiful, romantic and distinctive-looking flower arrangement that brings together colored roses and Peruvian lilies in a unique combination. The subtle mix of colors in this beautiful bouquet gives it a warm and pleasant appearance, making it the perfect gift for weddings and birthdays. For any other occasion or event where warm shades are used in décor, this bouquet can also be a perfect match.

What Makes Colorful Connection Bouquet So Special?

The Colorful Connection Bouquet is an enchanting combination of an array of assorted roses in four different colors: orange, yellow, lavender and pink. Bringing all these together in a perfect blend are the pink-colored Peruvian lilies added to this arrangement. The rich and creamy hues of the flowers give the bouquet a soothing and calming effect that appeals to the softer side of a person, making them feel happy. According to experts, pink roses signify thankfulness and grace, lavender roses indicate enchantment, orange roses speak of fascination, and yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship. As for the lilies, these signify everlasting devotion and love and good fortune. Together, all of these flowers create a message of joy, love and fascination.

Because of the meanings linked to its flowers, the Colorful Connection Bouquet is a perfect arrangement for couples who want to show their everlasting love and devotion to each other. All these flowers ensure that the bouquet spells out a clear message of complete trust and love between two people. This is why the Colorful Connection Bouquet can be a perfect gift for your better half on occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. The bouquet can also be an excellent addition to any wedding décor, going well with almost any theme. Another special occasion to celebrate with this bouquet is a proposal. The flowers relay a more unconventional and deeper message than that typically expressed with red roses.

Flowers aside, the Colorful Connection Bouquet comes in a clear or pink glass vase to flaunt neatly arranged stems. With 14 stems, it is 17” H x 13” W and 11 inches in diameter and available for $34.99. However, you can also get a no-vase bouquet with 14 stems for $24.99. A “Better” bouquet has 20 stems with dimensions 18” H x 15” W for $44.99 while the “Best” bouquet includes 26 stems with dimensions 21” H x 18” W and a price tag of $54.99. You can also add a combination of additional gifts to make it the ultimate birthday present. For example, you can add Mrs. Fields 24 Nibblers cookies, a birthday cake and a teddy bear to your bouquet and only pay $84.99.

Where to Get It From?

You can easily place an online order for this amazing bouquet through FTD’s website and have your flowers delivered by FedEx or UPS. The flowers come packed in optimally designed packaging. Same day delivery for perishables shipped through FedEx and UPS isn’t possible, so make sure to place your order in advance. Also, additional service charges will apply, so ask about those beforehand. However, rest assured that the love and affection you witness when the Colorful Connection Bouquet arrives will be priceless

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