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Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo

Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo

Are you interested in getting a beautiful and unique gift for someone for a special occasion that is coming up? If so, ProFlowers has got an amazing item – the Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo plant. This is something that is sure to make your loved one smile, and he or she will proudly display this on a desk or in his or her home. The Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo plant features two heart shaped bamboo plants that are placed in an attractive red vase. It also comes with stones to place the bamboo in for a nice little bed for these plants. It is absolutely amazing to see the bamboo in person, as it has been trained to grow into a heart shape.


This Plant Is a Welcome Sight in Any Home or Office


The Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo is about 12 in. tall. These stalks are a brilliant green, and they are sure to bring joy into any home. Share this unique gift with your sweetheart or someone else who you care about today. You have the option to send many of the products at ProFlowers with same day or next day delivery, as long as they are sent by a certain time of the day.


The price for the Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo plant is $29.98 originally. However, if you want to upgrade it to the premium version, it will cost you an extra $9.99. This is a deal that is too good for you to pass up, so order this unique and lovely plant right away. You will not regret choosing this gift to send to your loved one.


Pick Out the Amazing Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo Plant


It is always a good idea to send someone a gift, and it does not even need to be a special occasion. However, you may want to order the Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo for your sweetheart or another person who is special to you on Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or for his or her birthday. This is especially great to do if you are unable to be there with him or her for some reason. Let the person know that he or she is in your heart and on your mind on this big occasion. This will help to make the distance a little easier to handle.


Some Background on the Bamboo Plant


Bamboo is grown in warm, tropical regions, and is found in abundance in East Asia. They often will reach up to 100 ft. tall. This plant has been used for decorative purposes and in art for a long time. Also, it is commonly grown in gardens. Bamboo sprouts and the grains of some species can be eaten, and they are a common delicacy in Asia. Some of them do not flower for 30 years, while others die when they are done fruiting. If you want to send something that is natural and has an amazing history, send the Deluxe Lucky in Love Heart Bamboo.

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