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Enchanted Purple Rose Calla Lily

Enchanted Purple Rose Calla Lily

Flowers speak their own language. Their language is the interpretation of pure emotions and sentiments in the most beautiful and pleasant form. Different kinds of flowers interpret different kinds of emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, enchantment, appreciation and gratitude etc. 1800flowers.com, an online gift and flower shop provides a huge collection of wonderful flower arrangements and Enchanted Purple Rose & Calla Lily is one of the beautiful flower arrangement offered by them.

The Enchanted Purple Rose & Calla Lily contains elegant purple roses in combination with soft and beautiful Calla lilies and a touch of greens. The purple roses in this bouquet signify love at first sight. These roses are considered magical and also reveal infinite possibility and openness. The purple roses also signify enduring and true love which is the reason that these roses are used in wedding arrangements and wedding anniversaries. Calla lilies in this bouquet signify purity, magnificent beauty and chastity and are commonly used in wedding ceremonies. The distinctive quality of Calla lilies is that they are used in funerals also.

The beautiful flowers in the Enchanted Purple Rose & Calla Lily are ideal to be gifted to someone special in the sender’s life to convey the sentiments of true and pure love. It can also be a perfect gift for the wife or the girlfriend on any ordinary day to tell them that they are being loved and thought about. It can also be a great wedding anniversary, or a birthday gift. Besides gifting, this beautiful bouquet can also be ordered for decoration purposes on an anniversary or a wedding party.

The Enchanted Purple Rose & Calla Lily comes in six different arrangements and their prices vary according to the selection. Only the bouquet costs $54.99. Bouquet with a bear costs $62.99. Bouquet in a clear glass vase costs $64.99 and bouquet in a clear glass vase with a bear costs $72.99. Selection of a different vase is also available for the Enchanted Purple Rose & Calla Lily bouquet and with a purple hobnail vase this bouquet costs $66.99. The bouquet with purple hobnail vase and a bear costs $74.99 and the bouquet in an elegant silver vase costs $69.99.

This enchanting bouquet is not available for Same-Day delivery however the order can be placed for the Standard or the Saturday delivery. The cost for the standard delivery is $14.99 while the Saturday delivery costs $14.99 additional to the Standard delivery cost. The delivery of the bouquet is made through UPS or FedEx and the flowers in this bouquet come in buds so that they bloom after being received by the special person and stay fresh longer.

The Enchanted Purple Rose & Calla Lily is undoubtedly an ideal way to show love, care and respect to the special person in the sender’s life. The choice of beautiful vases provides the sender to select according to the receiver’s choice. This bouquet is not only restricted for special days, it can be ordered any ordinary day to add delight to the loved ones day.

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