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Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD

Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with that special someone for a year, or a decade. If you feel like fate brought you together, you should definitely celebrate the fact that you were lucky in love, and what better way is there to do that than with flowers? The Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD is the perfect gift to show her how happy you are that fate brought the two of you together.

Making Her Feel Like Royalty with the Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet:

The Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD is part of their Luxury Collection. They have assembled the various bouquets and gifts in that collection to be some of the most romantic and luxurious flowers and gifts available. This bouquet certainly fits that description. It’s a collection of 4 dozen (48) red roses with 24-inch stems. If that doesn’t make her feel like royalty, nothing will.

When you give a woman one red rose you will show her that you love her. After all, in the language of flowers, red roses are at the top of the romance list. However, the more red roses you give, the more romantic the gesture becomes. Red roses may symbolize love, but the number of roses also adds extra symbolism.

In this case, the Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD includes 48 individual red roses. It is well-known that 48 re roses represents unconditional and unchanging love. That makes this the perfect bouquet to give to your spouse at any time, but especially when your love is more established, such as on your 10th anniversary. That way you can show her that you are still just as infatuated with her as you were when fate brought you to her years before.

Buying and Sending the Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet:

The Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet costs $199.99, which is quite a bargain for such a beautiful bouquet. The 4 dozen 24-inch red roses will arrive with an elegant clear glass vase that stands 10 inches tall. The bouquet as a whole measures approximately 26 inches high and 23 inches wide.

One of the best things about the Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD is that it will be assembled by a certified local florist that is approved by FTD. So, you can be sure that each flower in the arrangement will arrive fresh and beautiful. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about any damage that could occur during shipping, or about your loved one having to assemble the bouquet and organize it in the vase themselves. That’s because the florist will hand deliver it to your loved one.

So, when you care enough to want your sweetheart to feel like she’s in the lap of luxury, sending her the Fate Luxury Rose Bouquet by FTD is a great idea. She can sit back and enjoy the elegant bouquet of red roses for days on end, and she’ll think of you the entire time. She’ll also love the extra luxurious feeling of having fresh flowers delivered to her by a real florist.

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