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The Florist Choice Bouquet

The Florist Choice Bouquet

Expressing yourself with the help of flowers makes it very easy to show how much you care. It also shows the sentiments and feelings that you have in heart without saying a single word. People usually visit the florist shop and select the most beautiful flowers for making the perfect bouquet or they visit the website of the florist to select the most suitable flower arrangement for the occasion and place an order. But 1800 Flowers now brings to you the most unique service anyone could ever offer. The Florist Choice Bouquet by 1800flowers.com is by far the best flower arrangement that one could select for sending to the loved ones.

The best part of selecting the Florist Choice Bouquet is the fact that the sender does not have to waste time in selecting the flowers. One does not have to browse among the huge variety of flower arrangements to select that one perfect bouquet. Just leave it to the experts to come up with a beautiful flower arrangement which is hand-picked personally by the florists at 1800 Flowers. This hand-arranged and eye-catching bouquet arrives fully designed in a beautiful classic vase holding only the most charming and freshest blooms of season. The Florist Choice Bouquet can be made keeping in mind the occasion or event for which the sender wishes to deliver to the recipient. The varieties and colors of the flowers vary depending on the local availability.

All the sender needs to do is to sit back and relax after placing an order for the Florist Choice Bouquet and just wait to hear the reaction from the recipient. Since there are no particular flowers in this flower arrangement, it can be made to suit any event or occasion. It can be made to congratulate the recipient on a good achievement, on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers and what not. The Florist Choice Bouquet can be sent to friends or family members at Christmas, Thanksgivings or Easters. If the recipient has been feeling down or in the hospital, it can be sent to cheer him up and bring a beautiful smile on his face. This flower arrangement truly shows how much you care which is why it can also be sent just to say ‘hello’ to your dear ones.

The Florist Choice Bouquet comes in an artistically designed clear glass vase but the size and type of the classic vase varies on its availability. To offer more variety and convenience for the selection of the bouquet, 1800 Flowers presents five types of arrangements for Florist Choice Bouquet; Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Deluxe. The Small arrangement approximately measures 15”H x14”L, Medium arrangement measures 19”H x 15”L approximately, Large arrangement measures 20”H x 16”L approximately and the Extra Large arrangement approximately measures 23”H x 17”L whereas the Deluxe arrangement approximately measures 25”H x 18”L. The prices of Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Deluxe flower arrangements are $49.99, $64.99, $89.99, $114.99 and $139.99 respectively.

The order is sent to the local florist shop who delivers the bouquet by hand using Same-Day Delivery; Standard service charges apply. All florist delivered items are delivered on the same day. The order can be placed before 2 pm from Monday to Friday and before 12:30 pm and 11:30 am on Saturday and Sunday respectively in the time zone of recipient. Same-Day Delivery in the adverse weather conditions or peak holiday times may not be available.

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