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FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet – Floral Jewels

April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet - Floral Jewels™

FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet – Floral Jewels

The FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet-Floral Jewels consists of beautifully arranged flowers that symbolizes the color attributes of topaz and diamonds, and conveys the purity and innocence of a white rose. Sending this specific flower as a gift would definitely send the message that you especially has the recipient in mind upon making the order

The FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet – Floral Jewels has 4 types of arrangements available for delivery;

  • No vase bouquet includes 12 stems (approximately 10″ diameter)  for $69.99
  • GOOD bouquet includes 12 stems (approximately 18″H x 15″W) with vase for $79.99
  • BETTER bouquet includes 24 stems (approximately 20″H x 18″W) with vase for $119.99
  • BEST bouquet includes 36 stems (approximately 25″H x 22″W) with vase for $159.99

While the rose itself is the flower for June birthday celebrants whose birthstone is the diamond, it is also a perfect flower for those celebrating their birthdays in November whose birthstones are topaz. FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet – Floral Jewels is arranged by a local florist who will carefully make each bouquet capable for delivery and, depending on the type of arrangement you wish to have, may come with a stylish silver julep cup vase.

Sending flowers have never been more personalized!

As an added feature, placing orders for FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet – Floral Jewels with vase; the Good, Better and Best bouquet flower arrangement; also entitles the purchase order to include these beautiful pieces of jewelry:

  • Genuine White Topaz Trillion SS Pendant              $29.99

– a 6mm Genuine White Topaz Trillion with Diamond Accent Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

  • Genuine White Topaz Drop Pendant       $49.99

– One 5/8 ct Created Sapphire Drop Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Created White Sapphire heart pendant  $69.99

– The perfect gift. Heart shaped 10mm Created Sapphire Gold over Silver Pendant

  • 7mm Round Cut Created White Sapphire Pendant           $79.99

– a 7mm round created white sapphire silver pendant to complete your gift.

Receiving a flower never fails to make anyone feel special, but receiving one with jewelry to match is ecstatic! Giving a jewelry made of topaz gives the impression of love and affection. Plus, as a November birthstone, the topaz is said to increase the strength and intellect of its owner/wearer. FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet  – Floral Jewels is the flower arrangement to choose as a wedding bouquet for its message of purity, while adding any of the topaz jewelry to a bride’s accessories will symbolize love and affection a wedding is made of.

Sending this flower arrangement in a vase is also recommended to those who want to extend their warmest wishes and heartfelt gratitude for its message of sincerity. A definite you-make-my-day flower to send, with its add-on jewelry option, FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet  – Floral Jewels is your flower of choice for all occasion as it conveys an unparalleled message of sincerity, meaning of love and purity, and a gift of strength and intellect.

Depending on the online calendar-type scheduling form, with FTD’s’ delivery policy it is much easier to send this arrangement anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. You can have FTD April White Topaz Birthstone Bouquet shipped by FedEx the next day. Though not always available, same day delivery is possible for orders placed before 2 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays, and 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

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