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Deep Emotions Bouquet by FTD

Deep Emotions Bouquet by FTD


Are you in search of a stunning bouquet to complement the décor inside of your home? If this is the case, then consider purchasing the FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens. This exquisite arrangement of flowers will truly impress the person to whom you send them. They will be a striking addition to any home, with the spray roses, orange roses, and hot pink roses that are mixed together with lily grass and hypericum berries. They are arranged in a clear glass vase that is classic and just as beautiful as the blooms.


Evoke Feelings of Warmth with the FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet


If you would like to send a special someone the FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet to brighten their home, make sure that you order it by 2 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone Monday through Friday in most parts of the US and Canada, and by 1 p.m. in their time zone on Saturday and Sunday in some areas. FTD offers this bouquet in three sizes: the “good” bouquet is 8 in. tall by 6 in. wide; the “better” bouquet is 8 in. tall by 8 in. wide; and the “best” bouquet is 10 in. high by 8 in. wide. The prices for these are $49.50 for the good, $67.50 for the better, and $85.50 for the best bouquet. Have a personalized message placed in with the FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet at no extra charge to you.


What a better way to receive the FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet, than to have it hand delivered by a local FTD florist? This is sure to make the individual feel truly special, and you will know that the arrangement is of the best quality possible since the expert florist will put it together personally. That is what makes FTD one of the best florist companies out there.


Choose Beautiful Flowers for Your Loved One Today


Is there an important occasion coming up for which you need the perfect gift? Or maybe you just want to give them something nice, just because. No matter what the reason behind giving the gift, make it a special one. Get the person an FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet to make them smile. It makes a wonderful birthday, anniversary, sympathy, or welcome home gift. Share your good taste with your loved one by ordering them an FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet today.


Consider the Meanings of the Flowers


All flowers have some sort of meaning behind them. Each of our floral arrangements was carefully designed with this in mind. For instance, the orange roses represent passion and energy. Hot pink roses represent admiration, joy, and gratitude, as well as grace. Along with the greenery included in the FTD Deep Emotions Bouquet, it makes a wonderful combination of flowers to give to someone whom you care deeply about.


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