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FTD My Everything Bouquet – Do You Want to Share Love with a Special Someone?

FTD My Everything Bouquet – Do You Want to Share Love with a Special Someone?

It’s no wonder that the FTD My Everything Bouquet is a bestseller. It makes a truly romantic gift for your partner as a way to show just how much you care. With a mix of three red roses and three white Asiatic lilies, the fresh-flower arrangement symbolizes love, prosperity and peace.

Why Give Asiatic Lilies and Roses in the My Everything Bouquet?

By giving your sweetheart a bouquet with Asiatic lilies, you are truly sending a positive message. While you may already know that the lily symbolizes prosperity and peace, the white Asiatic form is special. This particular white flower symbolizes virtue, innocence and marriage. Set within the bouquet, the stunning flower tells how purely your love is for your partner as well as the long distance you envision for your relationship.

In addition to the lilies, the bouquet includes red roses. Visually, the roses pop in color against the white flowers for a dynamic-looking bouquet. As well, the roses are long known for being symbols of romantic love. The red color of these roses stands for passion. By sending the special someone roses, you are sending the message of how deep your love is.

Add the Vase for a Hassle-Free FTD Gift

The basic $29.99 version of the My Everything Bouquet features six stems, without a vase. For only $10 more, you can add in a clear vase; that way, both the flower arrangement and the vase are delivered together to the lucky recipient. Having the vase certainly makes it easy to display the pretty flowers right away and admire them. This clear vase fits the six stems perfectly, with the bouquet dimensions at about 17-inches high by 12-inches wide.

Other Options and Delivery of the My Everything Bouquet

An even “better” option, a term FTD uses, is the 9 stems with vase; it is priced at $49.99. It measures 18-inches high by 12-inches wide, approximately. The “best” FTD option is the 13 stems for $59.99; once again, the vase is included. The latter option has approximate dimensions of 19-inches high by 14-inches wide.

With any of the versions of the My Everything Bouquet, FTD includes a complementary personalized card that bears your message of choice. Use the card to tell her in words just how lovely she is to you! With a card attached, the beautiful bouquet is delivered to the desired location via the well-known carries UPS® or FedEx®. Next-day delivery is available Tuesday through Saturday IF it is ordered by 2pm (Eastern Time) and shipping to the continental United States.

The quick delivery is a reassurance as you do want the to flowers arrive fresh and vibrant. Of course that availability may change during peak holiday times. In addition, FTD explains on the order page that the flowers may arrive in the bud stage.

The My Everything Bouquet makes a great gift if you want to send a symbol of your love and affection. The colorful arrangement, made of six stems, features red roses and white Asiatic lilies. It represents passion as well as purity and is a romantic gesture for your special someone as a birthday or Valentine’s Day present.

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