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FTD Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift: Show Her How Special She is

FTD Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift: Show Her How Special She is

The Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift from FTD is a wonderful collection of love-inspired items. The collection includes beautiful red roses that arrive in a glass vase, 12 chocolate-covered Oreos, a cute stuffed bear and a diamond pendant. The quality collection is a great way to show her how much she means to you, particularly on Valentine’s Day, her birthday, an anniversary or other special occasion.

What the Collection Includes

Included in the Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift is are 12 gorgeous red roses, which arrive at your desired destination within a clear glass vase. The FTD gift item also includes 12 chocolate-covered Oreos to satisfy her sweet tooth, and a 0.05 diamond pendant shaped as a floating heart, with sterling silver accents.

She won’t be able to forget about the plush bear in the package either that holds a heart that says, “I love you.” All of these items are delivered in a big gift box to your special lady as a way to tell her how much you care.

Romantic Notes in the Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift

What makes the Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift a great choice as a romantic present? The flowers, for starters. The red roses symbolize passion and love, and there are a dozen of them to show how much emotion you have for her on Valentine’s Day or other special occasion. The bouquet stands at about 14 inches high by 10 inches wide.

As for the chocolate, it is well known that many women enjoy receiving chocolate with their flowers as a thoughtful gift. The pairing satisfies her chocolate cravings and fills her heart with love. Add in the cute bear for her to cuddle with. Then, the diamond jewelry rounds off the ultimate gift package for her. All together, the high-quality package makes her feel spoiled and loved!

Ways to Personalize the FTD Present

The romantic item is easy to personalize for your wife or girlfriend. Included with the purchase is a gift card, on which you can write a message of love to her. Include words about your favorite memory together, quote a line you both love or simply write the three words that mean so much: “I love you.”

FTD Pricing and Delivery for the Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift

The FTD pricing for the heartfelt present is $159.99, before taxes or fees. This price is reasonable considering the amount, assortment and quality of the included items. For this delightful item, FTD offers fast next-day delivery, provided that you place your order with them prior to 2pm EST; see their website for full details on times. Of course, there are exceptions to this delivery schedule during peak holiday times. The gift box ships via UPS or FedEx couriers.

When you want to find a gift that declares your love for her, the Ready for Romance Ultimate Gift is the one to choose. It offers a great variety of romantic items, from 12 red roses to chocolates, jewelry and a cute teddy bear. Show her just how much you care when you send her this truly thoughtful present for Valentine’s Day or other special occasion.

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