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Glimmering Love Gardenia by 1-800-Flowers

Glimmering Love Gardenia by 1-800-Flowers

If you talk to any florist, they’ll tell you that flowers are like works of art. Each one is unique, just like each person is unique. So, what sort of flower should you get for the unique person in your life? Well, the Glimmering Love Gardenia by 1-800-Flowers might be a good choice.

Reasons to Love the Glimmering Love Gardenia:

There are many reasons to love the Glimmering Love Gardenia by 1-800-Flowers. One good reason is that it’s such a beautiful plant. It blooms with small white flowers that look a lot like white roses. The gardenia plant itself also has bright, shiny leaves, which will certainly catch the recipient’s eye. This particular Gardenia is extra beautiful because it is presented in a red glittery tin with white fluffy trim, making it look perfect for Valentine’s Day, or even a Christmas gift.

Gardenias also have a reputation for being one of the most fragrant flowers available. They have an indescribably sweet smell that is almost like a lovely perfume. Women love gardenias because they brighten up any space and are so fragrant that they can almost replace air fresheners.

Another of the reasons to love the Glimmering Love Gardenia is that it can last for a long time in the right environment. In fact, your loved one can even choose to transplant it into their yard. It can be trimmed to look like a bush or a tree. So, for only $34.99, that special someone can have a permanent reminder of you on their property to look at, smell, and enjoy whenever they want.

What the Glimmering Love Gardenia Flower Means:

There are two types of symbolism to consider, when you give someone the Glimmering Love Gardenia by 1-800-Flowers. The first is the symbolism of white flowers, in general. The second is the symbolism of gardenias.

White flowers of any kind are often considered to be representations of virtue, virginity, purity, or honesty. So, giving someone this pretty plant can tell them that you think of them as pure of spirit, or unshakably honest.

The gardenia flower also has several meanings. For example, it can represent grace, beauty, or secret love. Therefore, you may want to send this gift to someone to try to initiate a new relationship with them, if you are too shy to actually ask them on a date.

The Glimmering Love Gardenia Ordering Process:

The Glimmering Love Gardenia by 1-800-Flowers is a somewhat unusual plant. Gardenias are not one of the more commonly grown plants. So, it is not available for delivery by local florists. Instead, 1-800-Flowers will have it hand-picked by one of their certified florists and shipped to your loved one using FedEx or UPS shipping services. It will be shipped in a special box for freshness, and it will arrive a couple days before it is ready to fully bloom.

So, if you want to tell that special someone that you feel a certain way for them, the Glimmering Love Gardenia is a beautiful way to express your emotions.¬†You’re sure to make a lasting impression on her with this gorgeous plant.

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