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The Happy Birthday Animated Bear

The Happy Birthday Animated Bear

Birthdays are the most magical and memorable days for children. This is the day that a child gets all the special attention and love that he or she deserves. It is a day that children look forward to all year, and remember for the whole year after that till their next birthday comes. The most important part of this day, and the most awaited one, is the moment that the children get to open their presents. There is a special magic in the air for a child when he opens his birthday presents, and the element of surprise and excitement at getting something he had wanted, or something completely unexpected.

This is where the Happy Birthday Animated Bear, available from the online store of 1800flowers.com, by the renowned manufacturer of plush stuffed toys by the name of Gund. Where the company has produced many well-known animated characters’ stuffed toys, it is most recognized for its teddy bear range. Their innovation and quality is unmatched when it comes to plush toys.

The Happy Birthday Animated Bear has been designed just for birthday occasions. This cuddly brown plush toy will bring the widest of smiles to the face of the boy or girl who receives this perfect birthday present. The bear will sing and move as if it is dancing to wish them a happy birthday when its hand is squeezed. The Happy Birthday Animated Bear holds in its hands a birthday cupcake as well with a candle in it. This candle also lights up when the bear sings ‘Happy Birthday’. This gift is a perfect magical solution to making the best of your child’s, or any child’s, birthday a memorable experience. The Happy Birthday Animated Bear even moves its mouth while singing, so all in all, it is something that is sure to make the children’s eyes widen with wonder and their mouths stretch into broad smiles.

Teddy bears have been used for centuries to bring messages of love and joy to children, as well as messages of love and sympathy for adults. Whether it is for your child, your mother, or your friend a teddy bear lights up everyone’s day. It has been found to have many positive psychological effects on people’s minds. They have the innocence like a child’s. For a child they are the symbol of love and care while for adults they are a reminder of their most intimate childhood memories.

Teddy bears are also a symbol of someone loving you and caring for you. The act of buying someone a plush teddy bear shows them that there is someone that cares for them, and this feeling is central to having a sound and healthy mind. They are a gift remember special occasions. And another big psychological impact that takes place is due to the power of its soft touch. A warm toy that your child can hug is the perfect thing to have when life makes them sad or they have a bad day.

This innovative Happy Birthday Animated Bear present costs $39.99 and measures 17″Hx9″Wx9″L. It is delivered on a next-day basis by UPS or FedEx and comes with 3 replaceable AA batteries.

The Happy Birthday Animated Bear is the perfect present to get for your child if you want to make their birthday a truly magical and memorable experience. Your son or daughter is sure to remember the magical moment when they opened this gift box and found a singing and dancing teddy bear inside, which is a perfect partner for their childhood.

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