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The Happy Birthday Garden

The Happy Birthday Garden

Birthdays are the days that people look forward to all year. It is a day when everyone gets to feel loved and cared for. People want to remember their birthdays even after years. It is that one special day in the whole year that is just theirs. And that sis why it is important to make people’s birthdays special for them.

Plants and flowers have their own special place in the huge variety of gifts that you can buy for someone on their birthday. They bring a certain freshness and joy to the person that not many other things can provide. The Happy Birthday Garden is a great way to wish someone a happy birthday with its collection of tropical foliage plants and anthurium, available at 1800flowers.com. It is delivered in a very modern wooden container that has the word ‘bloom’ written on it in the form of cut outs. The cut outs on either side of this dish act as the handles which makes it a very modern, minimalistic container, which perfectly complements the greenery with its wooden form. It also comes with a balloon on a pick, saying ‘Happy Birthday’. The Happy Birthday Garden is the best way to bring a smile to someone’s face on their birthday.

Amongst the green tropical plants in the Happy Birthday Garden are the Anthurium flowers. Anthuriums are a heart shaped species of flowers which are found throughout the year, and this, among many other characteristics, makes it one of the most preferred flowers to be given as gifts. It comes in many colors like red, white, pink etc. Anthuriums are the perfect gift for any occasion because they symbolize hospitality. Their bright colours and waxy touch makes them an interesting sight to look at. They are a long lasting breed of flowers which makes them highly demanded. Anthuriums are said to cast away bad spirits and energies as well, so it makes sense to give it to someone on their birthday. Its shows that you care about them and wish for their longevity and well-being.

Plants, generally, are the symbol of life. They can only live when there is life around them. They generate positive feelings of nourishment and health. They add freshness to the recipient’s life and gifting a well arranged plant garden is a great way to make someone feel instantly active and happy.

The color green symbolizes growth, and safety. It is the color of peace and nourishment. It shows hope. All these things make this Happy Birthday Garden a logical choice for someone’s birthday.

The Happy Birthday Garden can be ordered at 1800flowers.com for $44.99 and is delivered by UPS or FedEx. It is not available for same-day delivery. The wooden container measures 3.5″Hx9″L and the balloon is 4″ in size, with the overall height of approximately 12 inches. All items arrive fresh in a box specially designed to maintain optimal freshness. The types of plants included may vary based on availability.

The gift of plants and flowers has a special place in the recipient’s heart. The plants, coupled with the Anthuriums and the eye popping bright balloon, all placed in a beautiful wooden container in the Happy Birthday Garden are a great way of telling someone that you wish them a happy birthday and that you care about them and wish for them to have a long healthy and happy life.

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