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Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift by FTD

Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift by FTD

There are lots of ways to wish someone a happy birthday. You can send them flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, cards, or birthday balloons. However, if you really want to make someone’s special day extra special, why not send all of them? Now you can quickly and easily purchase the perfect collection of birthday gifts by ordering the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift by FTD.

Fantastic Flowers:

One of the best features of the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift is the flowers themselves. The gift collection comes with 18 assorted roses in colors like red, pink, yellow, and orange. They come in a pretty clear glass vase that will look perfect on any table. Obviously, roses are a sign of love and affection, but the different colors and the number of roses also have meanings behind them.

For example, 18 roses represent staying young. So, giving someone 18 roses for their birthday is a way of celebrating the occasion, but also reminding them that age is only a number. After all, you’re only as old as you feel. That makes the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift great for any birthday, but especially for an 18th birthday, since there’s one rose for every year and a reminder that the recipient can grow into adulthood while still hanging onto some of their youth.

The 18 colorful roses can have their own meanings as well. For example, yellow roses indicate friendship, happiness, and a light hearted feeling. Orange roses are a sign of affection or desire. Dark pink roses indicate appreciation and gratitude, while deep red roses, of course, indicate love. So, you can convey a lot of emotions to your loved one on their birthday with one simple bouquet.

An Extra Something Special:

Since the experts at FTD know that flowers are not the only way to convey birthday wishes, they have made sure that the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift also contains other gifts that will appeal to almost anyone. First, there’s a happy birthday pop-up card and a personalized message. That will allow you to say exactly what you want to say to your loved one.

Next, there’s a fun birthday balloon. People of all ages love balloons. The included mylar birthday balloon on a stick can be tucked into the bouquet of roses or taken out and admired all by itself.

The Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift by FTD also comes with an adorable little teddy bear. He is sitting down and holding a stuffed gift that says “Happy Birthday!” He will certainly bring out the child in any birthday boy or girl, regardless of how old they are.

Finally, the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift includes 15 Chocolate Dip Delights™ Birthday Belgian Chocolate-Dipped Oreo® Cookies. Almost everyone loves to eat chocolate, especially on their birthday. So, your gift is sure to be a hit, not just with the recipient, but also with anyone that may be helping them to celebrate their special day.

More Reasons to Choose the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift:

The entire gift package only costs $119.99. So, with a few quick online clicks, you can buy the ultimate birthday surprise for that special someone. Not only that, but the Happy Birthday Party Starter Ultimate Gift by FTD can be delivered within a day, if you order it Tuesday through Saturday. So, you can be sure that your birthday wishes will be delivered on time right to your loved one’s door.

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