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Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD

Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to give gifts to those you love. However, when it comes time to pick out a gift for your spouse, you might find the traditional gift of roses is just not your style, or maybe she is allergic to them. Either way, it might be a better idea to present her with a completely different gift, especially if that gift could last for years. Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD is a Valentine’s Day plant that will truly impress the one you care about with its heart, style, and beauty.

The Symbolism of Heart to Heart Bamboo:

The symbolism of Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD starts out with the obvious. The bamboo is specially grown so that the stalks form the shape of a heart. So, when your loved one receives this unique gift, he or she will have no doubt about the basic sentiment you are trying to express by sending it to them. They are sure to know how much you love them right away.

Nevertheless, Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD can also have other meanings, particularly in certain cultures. For example, bamboo is considered to be representative of friendship in India. So, you might be telling someone how much you value them as both a friend and a lover.

In China, bamboo has a completely different meaning. It is often displayed in homes as a symbol of wishes for health and a long life. That’s because bamboo itself has such a long life and is so easy to care for. Chinese people and people from other cultures also consider bamboo to represent wealth, good luck, and a happy home life. So, although the interpretation can vary, there’s no question that you’ll be wishing your loved one joy and happiness when you give them Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD.

Heart to Heart Bamboo Times Two:

The Heart to Heart Bamboo plant by FTD comes in a pretty red glass container with a decorative heart on the front, which says “love.” The container will also be filled with decorative red rocks. So, it has quite a festive appearance. However, you can make it even more festive by ordering the “better” version of the plant, which comes formed in two heart shapes, rather than just one. That’s a great way to recognize the intertwining love between you and your soul mate. The standard Heart to Heart Bamboo by FTD costs $29.99, while the double heart costs $39.99. Either way, it is an excellent investment, since the bamboo plant is likely to survive and thrive for many years.

Heart to Heart Bamboo Shipment Details:

When you purchase your Heart to Heart Bamboo plant, FTD will have it shipped to your loved one using UPS or FedEx service. Next day service is available in many areas, and a special FTD gift box is used to ensure that the bamboo plant will arrive healthy and fresh.

So, if you want to give that special person in your life a gift that shows your lasting affection for them, Heart to Heart Bamboo is the perfect option. They are sure to treasure the beautiful bamboo plant for months and years to come.


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