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Lindt Creation Dessert Collection

Lindt Creation Dessert Collection

Love is an emotion stronger than every other. Whether it is for your family, your friends, or that one special person in your life, love is said to conquer all. And the expression of love is usually a difficult one. People use flowers to let other know that they love them and care about them but there is another thing that is a universal symbol of love, especially romantic love. And its name is chocolate.

Chocolates are a very commonly used gift for every happy occasion from birthdays to wedding anniversaries. The gift of chocolate has a certain sweetness that no other food item as a gift has. That is why ftd.com brings you the special Lindt Creation Dessert Collection gift box to order for your loved ones, or even for yourself. Lindt & Sprüngli AG, which is known simply as Lindt, is one of the biggest and most famous Swiss chocolate company. The best chocolates are Belgian and Swiss, because the best cocoas are found in Europe. This Lindt Creation Dessert Collection is the perfect gift for a party, or if you just want someone to know that you love them.

The Lindt Creation Dessert Collection shows the level of passion and knowledge that the Lindt chocolatiers are well known for. This collection of chocolate comes from France, and includes seven of the classic chocolate desserts which are as follows:

  • Crunchy Meringue with a combination of white chocolate in a soft center.
  • The Eclair Caramel which is a combination of smooth caramel cream encased in a dark shell of dark chocolate, which is further topped with caramel chocolate.
  • A fine shell of milk chocolate with a smooth dark chocolate filling, known as the Fondant Chocolate.
  • An amazing Tiramisu flavored center with a white chocolate topping.
  • Vanilla flavored Crème Brulee center with an outside casing of fine milk chocolate.
  • The Brownie which is a dark chocolate truffle inside a hazelnut and walnut dark chocolate.
  • A fine milk chocolate covering layers of custard cream and crispy flakes in the form of Millefeuille.

All this variety of desserts in Lindt Creation Dessert Collection caters for everyone’s taste and every occasion.

Chocolates are known to have a boosting effect on a person’s endorphins which generates the feeling of happiness while eating them. They are a symbol of love and sweetness, especially when given by a person who loves you. There are a lot of varieties of chocolate with the most well-known being the milk chocolate, the dark chocolate, and the white chocolate. All of these are said to mean certain things based on which one you like the most. The milk chocolate means that the person is a kid at heart, whereas the dark chocolate symbolizes a person who always looks ahead and solves problems, and people liking white chocolate means that they are the ones who seek fairness in the world and keep their options open for everything.

The Lindt Creation Dessert Collection has 41 pralines that weigh 14.1 ounces, and it costs $29.99. It is delivered by UPS or FedEx, and is not available for same-day delivery. You can order this gift right now at ftd.com.

Whatever the occasion, and whoever the receiver, chocolate is something that makes almost everyone happy. Its taste is one that is hard to resist and it is the ultimate gift of happiness when presented to someone who loves eating them, by someone who loves that person. Chocolate is the kind of food that you can present to anyone, and this amazing Lindt Creation Dessert Collection has something for everyone. From milk chocolate to white chocolate and dark, there is something that will soothe everyone’s sweet tooth.

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