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Long Stem Mixed Roses

Long Stem Mixed Roses

Being one of the enduring symbols for appreciation and love, roses are without a doubt among the most evocative and admired of the flowers. People often overlook that different color of roses have entirely different meanings. Although the most common meaning of a rose is love, but it also has several other meanings and significance infused in them depending on their color. The Long Stem Mixed Roses flower arrangement by FTD.com is perfect to present to a loved one. The finest and freshest assorted roses in this bouquet form rainbow of colors which helps in expressing your sweetest appreciation and sentiments.

The Long Stem Mixed Roses bouquet contains beautiful yellow, red, orange and pink roses. Like all the other flowers, each color of rose has a different meaning. The sunny, bright color of a yellow rose evokes the feelings of happiness and warmth. The feelings associated with a yellow rose are similar to those which are shared with a friend. The yellow rose as such is a perfect symbol for friendship and joy. Red roses have always been associated with romance and love, and a way to say that ‘I love you’. A red rose symbolizes perfection and beauty. Bouquet of fresh red roses is an ideal way to express deep feelings for the one you love.

The orange roses in Long Stem Mixed Roses bouquet are embodiment of enthusiasm and desire.

They symbolize excitement and passion and are also an expression of the fervent romance whereas a pink rose symbolizes elegance and grace. Pink roses are given as the expression of admiration. They convey joyfulness as well as appreciation. The Long Stem Mixed Roses flower arrangement is a perfect gift for an anniversary, a birthday, to send the wishes of ‘get well soon’ or to say congratulations to a beloved friend or a family member. This flower arrangement comes with a clear glass vase but other varieties of vases can also be selected on an additional price along with the bouquet. A French Flower Vessel costs $6.00, the Dreamy Pink Frosted Vase costs $8.00 and the Graceful Grandeur Pink Vase costs $10.00.

The discounted cost of 12 beautiful roses without a vase is $24.99 instead of $39.99. The No Vase version of Long Stem Mixed Roses is 10” diameter approximately. The discounted price of Good bouquet with 12 roses, Better bouquet with 18 stems and Best bouquet with 24 stems is $34.99, $44.99 and $54.99 instead of $49.99, $59.99 and $69.99 respectively. Long Stem Mixed Roses flower arrangement also comes with 12 roses by the name of Ultimate Gift which has Plush bear and Lindt Swiss chocolates. The discounted price of Ultimate gift is $84.99 instead of $99.99. The Good bouquet approximately measures 16”H x 14”W, Better bouquet approximately measures 19”H x 16”W and the Best bouquet measures 20”H x 17”W approximately.

FTD Flowers offer the Next-Day Delivery for Long Stem Mixed Roses through FedEx or UPS. The delivery is available from Tuesday to Saturday for all the orders placed before 2 pm, Eastern Time to continental United States. The cut off times to place an order during the peak holiday periods may vary. Delivery on Sunday and Monday are not available. FTD guarantees the freshness of the flowers and also offers a personalized complimentary message and additional gifts like chocolates, a plush puppy, FTD musical celebration box or a diamond accent heart pendant at an additional price along with its flower arrangements.

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