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Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet

Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet

The colors, mascots, symbols of institutions are determined on the basis of what that institution stands for. Having something that shows who you are to other people is one of the very effective things that give you a sense of self-respect and identity. Especially in the case of universities, with so many of them out there, it is important to have your own identity.

The online store ftd.com presents to you the ‘Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet’, which is a collection of roses carefully arranged into an attractive bouquet which shows the colors of this universities. The flowers in the ‘Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet’ are dual colored in tones of gold and purple to represent the Louisiana Tigers in a glass vase tied with the university ribbon. This is a great way of making someone’s day special, whether it is a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary, a reunion, or a homecoming.

The Louisiana Tigers are athletic teams that take part in a number of sports, both men and women, and are highly ranked among other top teams. The bouquet strengthens their sense of pride and unity that they share in the various competitions that they compete in.

The ‘Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet’ boasts shades of gold and purple which, other than having a good visual aesthetic, have certain meanings as well. The color purple is of royalty. It shows pride and nobility as well as power and ambition. This makes sense seeing that the team’s symbol is that of the tiger, which shows their strength and pride as well. The color purple is also associated with passion and vitality. It enhances the feelings of calm and encourages creativity among people.

In the same way, the gold in the ‘Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet’ shows success and triumph. It is the color of achievement as well as prosperity and success. It is associated with male strength, which is a huge part of the athleticism of the Tigers. It adds richness and warmth to life, and it is generous and giving as well. It is very closely connected to the color purple, and the symbol of the tiger in its meanings of nobility and pride. So both these colors very well represent what the Louisiana State University, just like every institution out there, stands for.

The ‘Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet’ is available in either 6 stems, 12, or 24 with sizes of approximately 16″Hx10″W, 16″Hx12″W, and 18″Hx15″W respectively. They can be ordered from ftd.com for $49.99 for 6 stems, $89.99 for 12 stems, and $129.99 for 24 stems. These arrangements are categorized as Good, Better, and Best respectively. The Good package comes with a glass vase with the University ribbon, whereas the other two come with etched glass vases. All items are delivered by UPS or FedEx and are not available for same-day delivery.

Respect and identity are two things that make a big part of someone’s association with any educational institution. Having the chance to brag a little about your college or university is something that strengthens the image of their institution in front of others as well as in their own eyes. The ‘Louisiana State University Tigers Rose Bouquet’ is a very good example of how something exclusive like a specially designed rose bouquet can help make the motto of a university strong, boasting the same colors that the university has chosen for itself. This bouquet is definitely something that you should consider ordering for someone related to the Louisiana State University somehow or the other, to let them have a moment of pride and recognition.

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