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Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree

Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree

The idea of gifting a money plant is getting popular for several reasons. Not only money plant is easy to grow for beginners, but they can grow it indoors and outdoors also. This plant is said to bring fortune and good luck to the owner. This plant requires minimum maintenance as it can be nourished well with watering only once a week or so. Ftd.com is an online gift and flower delivery service. It provides a wide collection of gift plants also and Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree is one of their popular gift plants.

The money tree is commonly used by the people who practice and believe in feng shui. The long leaves of this tree represent fire, water, wood, metal and earth in feng shui. It is believed that this tree provides balance when placed in an office or a room which is missing any of such elements. It needs a slightly moist soil to nourish well and indirect sunlight. Places near window with sun exposure are the ideal places for keeping this plant.

The Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree is an ideal gift for sending to those family and friends who are going to have an experience of any new beginning in their life. Some of the ideal occasions for gifting a Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree are marriages, housewarming, a promotion and a graduation. It can also be gifted to a family who are welcoming a newly born baby to their home or a friend who is beginning a new business or joining a new job.

The beautiful Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree is sure to send wishes for a great fortune to the special recipient. The Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree has been grown for four years with its beautiful braided trunk for providing serenity and luck with its unique style. It arrives in a square shaped ceramic container and the trunk tied with red bow displaying one lucky coin. Money plant as a gift can be enjoyed for several years by the recipient.

The cost for Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree is $34.99. A personal message can be included with the gift to convey the wishes and greetings to the receiver without any additional charges. The benefit of such a personal message is that it helps in conveying the greetings in a better way and it makes the recipient feel special when they receive the message along with this beautiful plant. This amazing plant for good fortune is not available for Same-Day delivery.

The order can be placed for delivery of Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays using the special Saturday delivery or the Next-Day delivery. The delivery is made through UPS or FedEx for all orders made before the cut off time of 1 pm according to the Eastern Time. The delivery costs for Next-Day and Saturday delivery are $19.99 and $29.99 respectively. This beautiful money plant would prove to be a great home or office decoration for the loved ones.

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