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Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD

Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD

Do you know someone with a birthday coming up? Could they use a cheerful pick-me-up? The Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD is so bright and colorful that it will bring a ray of sunshine to anyone’s day.

Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose Details:

When you order the Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD for your loved one, he or she will receive a miniature orange rose plant in a colorful rainbow container. The plant will be about 4.5 inches around. That makes it the perfect size for almost any space. So, even if the recipient lives in a small apartment, they can enjoy a little bit of flora right in their home. They can even experience a touch of spring in the middle of winter. The Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose will bring that special splash of warmth and color into their home.

The History and Symbolism of the Orange Rose:

Orange roses haven’t always been prominent. They were a result of hybridization between red and yellow rose plants in the early 1900s. However, they have become more and more popular as time has gone by, and it’s easy to see why, especially when you look at this rose plant. The Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD is covered in brilliant orange blossoms. Each petal is a vibrant fiery orange color that the recipient will love.

As the years have gone by, orange roses have really secured their place in the world of flowers. In fact, they have become so popular that certain meanings are now associated with them. They are mainly known for representing passion and desire. So, the Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD is a perfect gift to give to your spouse to reignite the fire between you.

Of course, the recipient may attach their own meanings to their new orange rose plant. It might remind them of a sunset at the beach, or of orange citrus fruit. It can even be seen as a mixture of friendship and love, since orange is a combination of yellow and red, the colors associated with those emotions. However, regardless of what your loved one thinks of when they see this beautiful plant, you can be sure that they will know how much you care about them.

Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose Longevity

The Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose is that the beautiful plant with its orange blossoms will last much longer than cut flowers would. Since it offers the benefit of longevity, your $29.99 investment could continue bringing joy to your loved one for months or years to come. Therefore, it is the birthday or anytime gift that keeps on giving.

So, if you want to really give your loved one a pick-me-up, the Pick-Me-Up Rainbow Roads Mini Rose by FTD will definitely do the trick. You can order it and have it delivered directly to their door within a day or two, giving them a special surprise that will keep them smiling every time they look at it for a long time to come.

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