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The Pink Lily Bouquet

The Pink Lily Bouquet

Pink lilies have always played a significant role in allegorical tales concerning sacrament of motherhood. A pink lily is identified with ancient goddess of Western World. The stargazer lilies have been used as the symbols of purity for countless years. In Roman and Greek mythology, they present virtue and chastity. Stargazer lilies are hybrids which are bold, bright, heady and light at the same time. The Pink Lily Bouquet by FTD is a beautiful floral arrangement which contains beautiful pink lilies which have been grown and known since antiquity.

Pink lilies by FTD Flowers basically symbolize hope and aspiration. The stargazer pink lilies represent thoughtfulness and purity. Their spunky and bright outward appearance conveys the feelings of happiness and hope. Perhaps most importantly, they symbolize the fulfillment of dreams. People often choose a stargazer lily as the centerpiece for the garden, only because it truly is a star of the gardens. Lily flowers are associated traditionally with 30th wedding anniversary and they are the birth flower for May. The Pink Lily Bouquet by FTD can be a popular choice for floral arrangements and birthday bouquets. They can also be used to celebrate wedding anniversary of a loved one or as a bridal bouquet.

Pink lilies make an absolutely amazing gift for any occasion, be it an anniversary, birth of a baby or a birthday. Pink lily has a particular importance in the motherhood and so it can also be given to the new mothers. The pink stargazers can be perfect for ‘I am sorry’, ‘Congratulations’, and everything else in between. The Pink Lily Bouquet by FTD includes a personalized complimentary gift message with which the true message can be conveyed. This sweet flower arrangement is a true expression of your affection and love. The fragrant pink lilies in The Pink Lily Bouquet by FTD are arranged in a delicate and clear glass vase. This floral bouquet comes in 3 different arrangements; Good, Better and Best.

Pink Lily Bouquet Options

The Good bouquet comes with 4 to 6 stems at the cost of $39.99, Better bouquet comes with 6 to 9 stems at the cost of $49.99, and the Best bouquet comes with 8 to 12 stems at the cost of $64.99. The Good, Better and Best lily bouquets approximately measure 12”H x 10”W, 13”H x 12”W and 16”H x 13”W respectively. An FTD florist delivers The Pink Lily Bouquet by FTD on the same day. The Same-Day Delivery can be done in most of the areas of Canada and U.S. on the orders placed before 2 pm in the time zone of the recipient from Monday to Friday. The delivery on Saturday and Sunday is also available in selected areas on the orders placed before 1 pm in the time zone of the recipient with an additional delivery cost of $3.99.

The lilies in The Pink Lily Bouquet by FTD flower arrangement arrive in the stages of development. The blooms continue to open as the days pass by, extending the life of this floral arrangement and increasing the recipient’s enjoyment. All the floral arrangements by FTD Flowers are delivered fresh by an expert florist. The flowers may last between good 10 to 14 days if proper care is taken.

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