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Pink Petal Roses

Pink Petal Roses

Flowers are a universal symbol for love, friendship, and admiration. Roses, especially, are used to show people the feelings and sentiments that you can’t put into words. This arrangement named ‘Pink Petal Roses’ contains fresh pink flowers that are available in either 12 stem of 24 stem bouquets. ‘Pink Petal Roses’ is available from 1800flowers.com and is perfect for the moments where you want to say anything ranging from thanks, or a congratulations, or appreciation for anyone whether it is your wife, your mother, or even your first date.

Roses, as we all know, are the symbol for love and gratitude. Pink roses, in particular, have been found to be the oldest type of roses. They range from shades of pale pink to deep crimson, each having meanings that relate to messages of thanks and appreciation in the case of the darker shades, and to messages of sympathy and gentleness in the case of lighter shades. Pink roses bring happiness and joy to the recipient and are seen in weeding arrangements very often. Pink roses also symbolize the sweetness of a new love, and the love a mother holds for her child.

Pink roses fill up a place with grace and sweetness. They are associated strongly with romance as well as an elegance that can make any place look much more pleasing. The strong scent that roses boast is also a descendant of the pink rose. Therefore a pink flower arrangement can turn a space into a completely immersive experience that is hard to ignore.

The arrangement ‘ Pink Petal Roses’ containing 24 stems is provided for $84.99, and the one with 12 stems can be ordered for $64.99 from 1800flowers.com. Both these arrangements have a silver vase included that sets off a beautiful contrast with the pink of the roses. This truly is an elegant combination of colors that will very well add to the quality of any space it is kept in.

‘Pink Petal Roses’ can also be ordered with a polka dot vase, a clear vase, or without a vase for $84.99, $79.99 and $69.99 respectively for the 24 stem arrangement. The flowers are delivered by UPS or FedEx, and this arrangement is not available on a same-day-delivery basis but is rather shipped overnight. It comes in specially designed boxes that maintain the freshness of the beautiful flowers. The flowers in ‘Pink Petal Roses’ come in the form of buds and are ready to bloom when they reach you, so you might have to place the bouquet in the vase along with the water and flower preservatives on arrival. The flowers are picked from selected fields from around the world and are carefully tested before shipment, which is why 1800flowers guarantees that it’s flowers will remain fresh for 7 days, provided that they are kept properly hydrated.

The use of flowers to communicate one’s feelings has seen a high increase in the last few years, and the pink rose holds its own ground among the number of flowers that people use for different occasions in different ways due to its association with a level of elegance and gratitude that no other flower has yet achieved. The ‘Pink Petal Roses’ arrangement, that has a group of fresh and vibrant flowers, is the perfect answer to your needs if you want to make someone feel loved and special.

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