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Purple Perfection by 1-800-Flowers

Purple Perfection by 1-800-Flowers

If you know someone with a passion for purple, Purple Perfection by 1-800-Flowers might be the perfect bouquet for them. Even men will appreciate this unique arrangement, which consists of three different types of purple flowers. The vibrant purple blossoms will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Purple Perfection Lavender Roses:

The first of the pretty purple flower types included in Purple Perfection by 1-800-Flowers is the lavender rose. As you may know, roses often represent love. Lavender roses take that feeling one step further. They show that you fell in love with the person at first sight. That makes it a perfect flower to give to your spouse, your child, or anyone else that you love, whether in a romantic or a platonic way.

Purple Perfection Cremones:

The Purple Perfection bouquet also includes purple cremones, which are a variety of chrysanthemum. The pretty chrysanthemums bloom with large, round blossoms that look similar to sunflowers. They are large, bright, focal points that will really stand out among the other flowers in the rest of the arrangement. Giving your loved one chrysanthemums can express congratulations, joy, or optimism. Purple cremones can also represent enchantment or infatuation. So, you can show someone that they really make you happy and that you truly care about them deeply by presenting them with purple cremones.

Purple Perfection Peruvian Lilies:

The final flower in the purple trio that make up the Purple Perfection is the Peruvian Lily. This beautiful exotic flower is a well-known symbol of friendship, devotion, and long-lasting love. Purple Peruvian lilies can also suggest wealth and good luck. So, the Purple Perfection bouquet from 1-800-Flowers is a great gift to give to someone who has just gotten a new job or a promotion, if you want to wish them well in their new position.

Purple Perfection Ordering Options:

1-800-Flowers offers several variations of their Purple Perfection bouquet. You can order a single bouquet of 4 cremones, 7 lilies, and 6 roses for $34.99. You can also choose to add a clear, purple hobnail, or silver swirl vase. If you’d like, you can even order a double bouquet for $49.99,or $59.99 if you would like it delivered with a clear vase. So, no matter what message you are trying to send, you can choose the perfect vase and arrangement for your loved one.

The Freshness Factor:

One of the best things about ordering Purple Perfection by 1-800-Flowers is that you don’t have to worry about freshness. 1-800-Flowers has a reputation for delivering beautiful bouquets that stay fresh for quite a while. In fact, your bouquet will be delivered to your loved shortly before it’s ready to completely bloom. So, when they add water, the flowers will open up their perfectly purple blossoms.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what the occasion is. The Purple Perfection bouquet is so bright and colorful that anyone will love it, regardless of when or why they are receiving it. So, this bouquet can help you to express your feelings to someone in almost any situation.

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