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Red Rose floral arrangement

Red Rose floral arrangement

Pictures or words have never completely encompassed the grandeur and sheer beauty of a red rose. A Red rose undeniably is the most beautiful rose among all the other roses as it is rich and full blooded. The beautiful Cleopatra used red roses to carpet her entire bedroom floor when she received Antony. All the roses convey affection, love and warmth in varying degrees. 1800Flowers brings a stunningly beautiful Red Roses flower arrangement for all the special occasions in life.

This stunning floral arrangement of fresh 2 dozen red roses is perfect to surprise someone who makes you laugh and smile. Red Roses flower arrangement is a thoughtful gift that expresses how much you love and care. The most well-known and obvious meaning of a red rose is affection and deep love. A ‘rose language’ evolved in the early 18th century which helped the lovers to communicate; especially those who were forced to keep their sentiments a secret. Staunchly promising affection is what exactly a red rose means. It denotes a love that is much stronger than thorns, a love that can outlive all the obstacles.

What does the Red Rose floral arrangement mean?

Another facet of a red rose is desire. The Red Rose floral arrangement expresses the heat of a new love and an expression of attraction. Other meanings of red roses include passion, courage, desire, beauty, sincerity and respect; whereas a red rosebud simply symbolizes loveliness and purity. They are the most common and popular valentine roses. A red rose simply says ‘I love you’. Bright red roses like the ones in the beautiful Red Rose flower arrangement by 1800 Flowers are interpreted as an ultimate expression of abiding and romantic love. The bright red share of the roses is perfect to be gifted to a special someone like a spouse on their birthday or your fiancé or fiancée. It can also be gifted on wedding anniversaries or on a regular day to say ‘I love you’ to a sweetheart.

This beautiful Red Rose floral arrangement can be ordered with any of the 4 types of vases; a ceramic shimmering Silver Embossed Vase which costs $69.99 featuring romantic rose design and measures 8.25”H, a vintage Green Hobnail vase inspired with the contemporary flair which costs $66.99 and measures 8.75”H, a Red Ginger Jar ribbed glass vase which costs $66.99 measures 7.75”H and a Ribbed Ginger Jar clear glass vase which costs $64.99 and measures 7.25”H. The Red Rose 24 stems flower arrangement can also be ordered without any vase at the cost of $54.99 only. Each rose arrives in a bud form which blooms in few days. The Red Rose flower arrangement is delivered by FedEx or UPS with the total shipping charge of $14.99. Same-Day Delivery is unavailable for the gifts delivered by FedEx or UPS.

All flower arrangements arrive carefully packed in signature shipping boxes of 1800 Flowers which are designed specifically to ensure the optimal freshness of the flowers. Each and every gift is inspected carefully to meet the quality standards of 1800 Flowers. The flowers are kept well hydrated and fresh to guarantee to last for at least 7 days. Some of the flower varieties offered by 1800 Flowers even last longer than 7 days.

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