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The Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet

The Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature. There are flowers for every occasion to fill all special days with beautiful colors. Be it a sad or a happy occasion, there is always one flower to express the feelings and interpret the emotions. Valentine’s Day is a very important day for lovers all around the world. Ftd.com, an online flower and gift shop, provides various beautiful bouquets for this special day and Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet is one of their amazing bouquets.

The Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet has the unique ability to create a perfectly romantic moment on the Valentine’s Day. It contains red, lavender and purple Peruvian lilies that form a cloud of affection surrounding the hot pink and pink roses. The beautiful colors of flowers are accented with the lush greens which makes it an unforgettable flower bouquet. The mixed colors in this bouquet are a beautiful way to convey the heartfelt emotions of love to the special people.

The Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet is a Valentine’s Day special bouquet. This flower arrangement is sure to make the special person delighted on its arrival. The red Peruvian lilies in this bouquet signify devotion and friendship. These flowers are a symbol of both an everlasting love and a lasting friendship between the sender and the recipient of the flower. The Peruvian lilies are also often a symbol of prosperity, wealth and good fortune.

The pink roses in the Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet carry the connotation of elegance and grace along with poetic romance and sweetness. Dark pink roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude while light pink roses symbolize admiration and gentleness. This bouquet is ideal for sending to the special person or to the love of the sender’s life. It is ideal to express sentiments of a blooming love. The sender can express his heartfelt emotions of love, respect, care and admiration for the special person through this bouquet.

The Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet is available in four arrangements. One arrangement comes without a vase while others named as Good, Better and Best include a beautiful clear glass vase with the bouquets. The Good bouquet measures 19”Hx15”W and includes 14 stems. The Better bouquet measures 20”Hx16”W and includes 20 stems. The Best bouquet measures 21”Hx17”W and includes 26 stems. The bouquet without vase costs $39.99 and includes 14 stems. The Good and the Best bouquets cost $49.99 and $69.99 respectively.

A personal message can be included with the gift free of cost. Ftd.com also provides an option of selecting an additional gift with an additional price. These additional gifts include a Godiva chocolate box for $9.99, a loveable plush puppy for $9.99 and a diamond accent heart-shaped pendant for $29.99. The Romancing the Heart Valentine Bouquet is not available for Same-Day delivery. The order can be placed for delivery from Tuesday to Saturday using the Next-Day delivery. The delivery is made through UPS or FedEx for which orders should be placed before the cut off time in the recipient’s area.

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