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Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose from 1-800-Flowers – Who Deserves this Beauty?

Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose from 1-800-Flowers – Who Deserves this Beauty?

This Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose from 1-800-Flowers is a treasure to give someone as a symbol of your affection for her or him. The classic gift is made of one long-stem red rose, which is a thoughtful gift for your beloved partner on a special anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or other memorable occasion. The lovely rose is well-preserved so that the recipient receives it in bloom with the smiling response you hope for.

A Beauty of a Present for a Beautiful Person

When you want to show a person just how much you love them, the Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose is an appropriate choice. The beautiful rose, after all, is traditionally thought of a symbol of love.

As for being red, this color of rose is considered to symbolize love, passion and respect. With the delivery of this particular rose, the recipient will understand just how much you adore him or her. It is a heart-warming gesture, indeed.

The Simplicity of the Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose

Why just one red rose, you might ask? Actually, the simplicity of such a gift speaks volumes. Unlike a large bouquet of flowers, a single red rose is speaks a more simple, focused message of love. It is a romantic gesture of purity, given the simplistic nature of one rose. It has long been used as a symbol of love, making a great way for you to show your special guy or gal how much you care.

On average, the Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose is 17-inches long, with a 2-inch head width. Given the natural materials of the flower, these dimensions obviously may differ slightly. The red shade too naturally varies.

A Great Gift for Romantic Occasions

Given the significance of the rose color and of it being given singularly, the Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose is a wonderful gift for a romantic day. Whether that is a marriage anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day, the single rose makes a thoughtful gift. It shows that special someone how deserving they are of the high-quality item and of having your heart.

The sole red rose is preserved, as well, so that it is kept in peak condition for when it is delivered. It is treated with glycerin to keep its fresh form and natural look for years into the future; provided no water is added, the flower can last up to three years. That way, the recipient, can continue to enjoy it for a long time!

To deliver the fresh rose in a timely manner, 1-800-Flowers provides prompt delivery, with the length depending on whether it is a peak holiday time. The rose is prepared by a local florist to send to your desired location. It does not come with a vase, as it really is all about the simplicity with this gift.

The Single Long-Stem Infinite Rose makes a wonderful present for your special someone. It is a symbol of love and respect, as well as purity. Show your partner how much love you feel for her or him on a celebratory occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day by sending this pure, lovely flower.

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