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The Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet by FTD

The Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet by FTD

Flowers speak a language that everyone understands. People often take flower’s help to express out their deepest emotions and feelings that are hard to explain in words. The main thing to understand is that different colors of flowers represent different emotions and feelings. This may be confusing for some but florists like FTD Flowers help people to pick out the perfect bouquet to convey the message of their hearts. There is no need to step out of your home and visit a florist shop to pick your favourite bouquet. Now Ftd.com offers a huge variety of freshest flowers that can be home delivered to all your loved ones. One of the best flower arrangements of FTD is the Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet.

The Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet is an ideal flower arrangement to wish for a beautiful day full of sunlit happiness and promise. It contains orange spray roses, white monte casino asters, white traditional daisies and yellow traditional daisies. Daisies are the April birth flower and the symbolism associated with them is of simplicity, patience, beauty, loyal love, innocence and purity. They are approximately 4,000 years old and often depicted in the meadows in the medieval paintings. White and yellow traditional daisies mean harmony and peace. The orange roses in Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet mean fascination. Orange roses are often used when a person is completely bewitched and totally besotted by somebody.

The aster flower has basically 600 or more species around the world. The most common kind of aster flower is the Monte Casino. Asters are the birth flower for September. They are often considered as love charms which have mystical powers. Some people believe that they symbolize daintiness, good luck, patience and love. The combination of white and yellow daises, orange roses and the beautiful Monte Casino asters in Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet is perfect for cheering up a loved one. This flower arrangement can be used to show heart-felt sympathies or to wish ‘get well soon’ to a family member or friend. It comes with a melamine yellow vase with lots of smiley faces on it which offers an optimism boost to the receiver. Because of the cute smiley faces on the vase, the Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet can be a perfect bouquet for kids too.

The Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet comes in three different arrangements namely Good, Better and Best. The Good arrangement comes with 12 stems and it costs $29.99, Better arrangement has 15 stems and it costs $39.99 and the Best bouquet comes with 18 stems and it costs $49.99. The Good, Better and Best arrangements approximately measure 16”H x 11”W, 17”H x 12”W and 18”H x 13”W respectively. Ftd.com delivers the farm fresh flowers by FedEx or UPS but they are not delivered on the same day. The Next-Day Delivery through UPS or FedEx is available from Tuesday till Saturday for all the orders placed before 2 pm Eastern Time whereas deliveries for Sunday and Monday are not available.

The deliveries are made to continental United States only. If, at the time of delivery, nobody is at home, then the carrier leaves the package at the doorstep as no signature is required for accepting the deliveries. The purchase of Sunbeam Smiles Bouquet comes with a personalized complimentary gift message. FTD Flowers guarantee the freshness of all of its delivered flower arrangements.

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