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The Sunny Sentiments Bouquet – Are You Looking for a Beautiful Gift?

The Sunny Sentiments Bouquet – Are You Looking for a Beautiful Gift?

Each of the floral arrangements that are available through FTD are absolutely beautiful, and the Sunny Sentiments bouquet is no exception. These cheerful blooms are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face, no matter what occasion you send the bouquet for. The bright yellow roses, Peruvian lilies, and sweet white daisies are a nice blend of flowers to make your special someone think of sunshine and happiness. They are complemented by lush greens, and the bouquet is placed in a classic clear glass vase. Also, you can have a free gift message sent along with it. Order the Sunny Sentiments bouquet from FTD.com today.

Choose Your Size of the Sunny Sentiments Bouquet

There are three sizes available for the Sunny Sentiments bouquet. You can choose from either the good, better, or best options for this floral arrangement. There are 12 flowers in the good bouquet, which stands at 16 in. tall and 12 in. wide. There are 17 flowers in the better bouquet, and it stands at 17 in. tall and 13 in. wide. There are 22 flowers in the best bouquet, and it stands at 18 in. tall by 14 in. wide. The good one costs $44.99 normally, while the better costs $54.99 normally and the best one costs $64.99 normally. Consider carefully which one you would like to send to someone.

The yellow and white flowers that are featured in this amazing arrangement will brighten anyone’s day. They add a cheerful touch to any décor, whether it is in the home or at an event. You can have the Sunny Sentiments bouquet of flowers delivered on the same day in most areas of the United States and Canada Monday through Friday if you order by 2 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone, and by 1 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday in the recipient’s time zone.

Beautiful Flowers for All Kinds of Occasions

Each and every flower that is out there has a specific meaning behind it. It is important that you think about this when you are choosing a bouquet to send to someone. Think about the message that you would like to express to this person. The flowers in the Sunny Sentiments bouquet carry special meanings. For example, the yellow roses represent exuberance and joy, as well as caring and friendship. Lilies generally represent refined beauty and purity, while Peruvian lilies specifically represent friendship and devotion.

Order Some Amazing Flowers for a Loved One

If you are at a loss for what to give your loved one for his or her birthday or some other special occasion, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a floral bouquet for the person. The Sunny Sentiments bouquet is gorgeous, and it is sure to put a smile on his or her face. Besides giving these flowers to someone for an occasion, you also can get them to use as centerpieces for events, such as a wedding or a graduation party. Add a vibrant, beautiful touch to the atmosphere with this bouquet.

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