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Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers

Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers

Romantic gifts are always appreciated, but gifts with a twist are much more memorable. So, whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because gift, it’s important to make sure it’s original. Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers is a beautiful heart-shaped bamboo plant, which makes an original and lasting gift.

Sending Your Sweetheart Good Wishes with Sweet Heart Bamboo:

Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers is a great gift if you want to send your sweetheart good wishes. The heart-shaped bamboo plant will convey your love immediately when they see it. However, if they know anything about the history of bamboo, they will realize that the plant can also represent a lot of other positive things besides just love.

For example, bamboo is often used in the practice of Feng Shui, or balancing the energy in a certain space. According to traditional Feng Shui techniques, bamboo should be placed on the east side of a room. That will help to bring a sense of happiness to the space, whether that space happens to be in a house or in an office.

Bamboo also has a lot of cultural significance in both the Indian and Asian cultures. Both cultures view it as symbolic of happiness. Those from India often give it to friends. Asians, particularly the Chinese people, often keep it in their homes because it is supposedly lucky and will bring them both wealth and a long life.

Placing Your Sweet Heart Bamboo Order:

Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers comes in two sizes. One consists of bamboo stalks twisted so that they grow into a lovely heart shape. The other involves several bamboo stalks twisted into two heart shapes for double the beauty and a more lasting impression. In either case, the bamboo stalks come in a small glass cube-shaped planter full of pretty stones. The planter is a 5-inch cube. The plant itself will stand 12 to 14 inches high.

If you would like to make your Sweet Heart Bamboo gift extra sweet, 1-800-Flowers also offers the option of adding a 6.3 oz. Box of Harry London chocolates to your order for an additional fee. Prices range from $29.99 to $47.99, depending on whether you would like the single or double heart plant and whether you would like to add chocolates to your order or not.

When you order Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers, you can expect prompt delivery. Your order will be shipped using next day UPS or FedEx service to ensure freshness. That means that you can even order this sweet little bamboo plant as a last minute gift, if necessary.

Regardless of when you order Sweet Heart Bamboo by 1-800-Flowers or what occasion you want to celebrate, your sweetheart is sure to love the fact that this bamboo plant will last for a long time. The care instructions for the plant are simple. So, the two of you will be able to enjoy this token of your affection long after it is delivered to your loved one’s home or office.

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