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1-800-Flowers True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet – Who Wouldn’t Want this Joyful Bouquet?

1-800-Flowers True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet – Who Wouldn’t Want this Joyful Bouquet?

For a gift that delivers a joyful message, this True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet is a great choice. It comes from 1-800-Flowers, a trusted service provider with a strong record of reliability. It is charming in appearance, composed of six pink Peruvian lilies and six hot pink roses. As a gift, this fresh floral bouquet suits a range of occasions from birthday to “get well soon,” “thank-you” or even “just because.” Give it to a romantic partner, a close family member or a dear friend.

Give a Message of Joy and Love

The True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet sends a message of happiness, based on what the flowers that it contains symbolize. Roses in the hot pink color are symbols of gratitude and appreciation. Therefore, a nice occasion to give this arrangement is as a thank-you gift.

As for Peruvian lilies, they are a fun flower that primarily symbolize friendship and everlasting commitment. The pink shade of the lily symbolizes innocence and playfulness. Give the white blooms to your friend or spouse to signify your appreciation for the caring bond you share.

Why the True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet has a Fun Appearance

The look of the True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet is dynamic and fun. The hot pink roses complement the pink petals of the Peruvian Lily nicely and the green stems bring the whole arrangement together well. The roses seem to pop out in between the lilies, like prizes you are giving your special someone.

Plus, the Peruvian Lily, is an exotic flower; it is a joy to receive an arrangement with a type of flower you don’t see often. In addition, the roses have a lovely scent and a classic look that is beloved by many. The mixed bouquet will have your loved one smiling and excited to display the wonderful fresh flowers!

Review of Pricing and Delivery for the True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet

The bouquet alone costs $49.99. That is well priced, considering 1-800-Flowers makes sure the flowers are picked right at peak time and are high quality. They are selected from top floral farms. There are upgrades available for a bit more money too (see next section).

For delivery, it is prompt and fast. Next-day delivery is available; they are shipped overnight. The goal is to make sure the recipient gets the freshest flowers possible. Please note that the flowers arrive as buds and bloom within a few day later; that technique allows your loved one to have time to enjoy the flowers.

Options for the True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet

Several additional features are available for this bouquet when you order it through 1-800-Flowers. One upgrade is to add a Honee Bear, which is a small white cuddly bear that has a heart pattern sewn into its paw. The 8-inch high bear has a pink ribbon around its neck and certainly adds cuteness to the gift. It is safe for anyone aged three or older. The cost of the bouquet with bear is $57.99.

To add the bear and a clear vase, the price is $67.99, or you can add the vase alone for $59.99. Another option is to switch the clear tapered vase for an adorable pink polka dot vase. The bouquet, polka dot vase and bear together come to $72.99, while the just the bouquet with polka dot vase totals $64.99.

Adding the vase is certainly convenient for your loved one, who then has a way to display the spectacular flowers. While the pink polka dot vase is 8.25-inches high, the clear vase has a height of 9 inches.

For the occasion when you want to cheer someone up, make a friend smile or show your romantic partner how much love you feel, give the True Love Rose and Peruvian Lily Bouquet. It pops with color, containing six hot pink roses and 10 pink Peruvian lilies. Add the bear and one of the two available vases to top off the joyful present, all at a reasonable price.

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