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Ultimate Hugs and Kisses – Isnt It a Beautiful Bouquet?

Ultimate Hugs and Kisses – Isnt It a Beautiful Bouquet?

The Ultimate Hugs and Kisses bouquet from ProFlowers is absolutely stunning. It is a wonderful floral arrangement for you to send to a friend, parent, grandparent, significant other, or another loved one. This bouquet consists of one dozen red tulips and one dozen lavender iris flowers, which are very beautiful when paired together along with the greenery that rounds it out. It is about 16 in. tall, and it comes in an amazing ruby colored vase, along with a teddy bear, “I Love You” pick, and chocolates. This gift is a pleasure for nearly anyone to receive.


Pick Out the Ultimate Hugs and Kisses Bouquet from ProFlowers for Someone Today

If you have a sweetheart and he or she has a birthday coming up, or you want to celebrate your anniversary in an especially fun and special way, consider ordering the Ultimate Hugs and Kisses bouquet from ProFlowers. You have the ability to change out the ruby vase for either a clear square glass or cherry red vase. The price for the flowers in the ruby vase is $59.99, and you can upgrade it to the deluxe version for an additional $19.99. Also, the clear glass vase is $4.99 more, and the cherry red vase is $9.99 more.


Next day delivery is offered for this particular bouquet, so it does not matter if the person’s birthday is tomorrow, you can have it sent to his or her home, and it will arrive right on time. Do not hesitate to order if you find something that is perfect for that special someone in your life. You are going to make him or her extremely happy to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Share One of Our Bouquets with Your Loved One

It is always the right time to send someone flowers, but this extra special arrangement featuring a cuddly and adorable teddy bear and delicious chocolates is a step above and beyond an ordinary gift. If you can not physically be there for the big day, you may as well send something that will show him or her that you really care and wish that you could be with him or her. Along with the Ultimate Hugs and Kisses arrangement, there are numerous others from which you can choose for all occasions.


A Great Floral Arrangements for Any Occasion

You can celebrate your anniversary by ordering the Ultimate Hugs and Kisses bouquet, and have it delivered to his or her workplace or your home. Also, it would make an ideal gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or just because. Either way, this arrangement of flowers will be a big hit.


Meanings of Various Flowers

There are literally hundreds of types of flowers out there, and they basically all have a certain significance placed on them. The meaning of the iris is hope, friendship, faith, wisdom, and peace of mind. The word iris literally means “rainbow” in Greek. The red tulip gets its significance from a Turkish legend, and it means “perfect love”. These meanings make the Ultimate Hugs and Kisses arrangement a great one to give to a very close friend or your significant other, especially if you have been together for a long time.

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