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Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers

Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers

Giving your sweetheart a rose on Valentine’s Day is a tradition that goes back many years. However, modern practices have put an updated spin on the tradition. The Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers is a beautiful plant that will bloom in two colors for years to come, if it is cared for properly.

Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose Creation:

You may be wondering how the Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose is even possible. How does one rose plant bloom in two different colors? Well, the answer is that plant cuttings are taken from two different roses and then grafted together. Bi-color roses have been grown by expert botanists for several years. So, they are a great modern way to show someone you care.

Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose Meanings:

The Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers features two different bloom colors. Some of the blooms will be pure white, while others are deep red. That specific color combination is ideal for Valentine’s Day because of the meanings behind the flowers.

You see, deep red roses have symbolized fiery, passionate love for many years. White roses, meanwhile, have been widely viewed as symbols of sincerity and purity of heart for almost as long. So, when you give someone the Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers, you will be telling her that your love for her is pure, sincere, and passionate.

The fact that you will be giving her a rose plant, as opposed to cut roses, also adds more meaning to the gift. You see, cut flowers die quickly. A plant lasts much longer, symbolizing how long your love for her will last, and how long you hope that your relationship with her will last.

Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose Details:

Meanings aside for a moment, the Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers is also an excellent gift for any woman on Valentine’s Day for one simple reason. It looks beautiful. It has blooms that are not only pretty, but unique. The plant stands about 12 inches high and comes in a tin planter that measures about 5.35 inches in diameter. So, it will fit perfectly in any number of spaces, including on an office desk or a hall table.

The experts at 1-800-Flowers will choose the perfect plant for your gift. So, you can confidently place your order knowing that the plant will arrive fresh and safe. Although, it may arrive a day or two before the buds are in full bloom. That way your loved one will be able to watch it bloom in all its glory, rather than missing the peak of the performance.

Maintaining the Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose:

Another excellent thing about the Valentine’s Day Bi-Color Rose by 1-800-Flowers is that it is a live perennial plant. That means that, with the proper care and maintenance, it will grow larger and keep blooming every year. So, your loved one may want to transplant it into her garden after the initial blooms are gone. If it gets enough sunlight, water, and attention, she will be able to enjoy it and remember you whenever she looks at it well into the future.

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