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Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers

Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers

Have you ever wanted to go on a romantic day trip with your sweetheart and have picnic on a nice clear day? Well, you certainly can, but if you do you should make sure that you make your picnic extra special with the perfect picnic goodies. Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers includes all of the goodies you could possibly want for a special picnic outing, including wine, cheese, crackers, and more.

The Wine in Wine Country Picnic for Two:

Whether you are picnicking in wine country or just want to be reminded of wine country, the wine that you drink is the most important thing to make the experience a special and memorable one. Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers features a very special wine called Ranier Ridge Red Blend.

The Ranier Ridge label commemorates Washington’s famous Mount Ranier. The area near Mount Ranier is famous for vinefera grapes that grow near there. Those grapes are featured in Ranier Ridge Red Blend. They give the wine a delicious fruity flavor with soft tannins and taste a bit like currants and plums. The flavor combination is perfectly reminiscent of wine country.

Wine Country Picnic for Two Cheese and Crackers:

Of course, Ranier Ridge Red Blend is not the only thing included in the Wine Country Picnic for Two gift set by ProFlowers. The set also features some wonderful foods, starting with 4 ounces of flavorful Sonoma Jacks Pepper Jack Cheese, which you can serve to that special someone using the included wooden cheese board and convenient cheese spreader.

The next part of Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers is crackers, which go perfectly with cheese. These particular crackers are coated in a delicious blend of sea salt and olive oil. The 2-ounce package is perfect for you and your sweetheart to split on your romantic picnic.

Extra Treats in the Wine Country Picnic for Two Gift Set:

Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers is not just a wine and cheese set. It also contains other tasty treats. You and your loved one can enjoy 5 ounces of beef summer sausage, 1.5 ounces of California Crunchy Herb Almonds, and 1.75 ounces of Napa Mustard, which pairs wonderfully with the cheese and crackers in the set. When you’re ready to finish your picnic, you can top off the savory snacks with a sweet treat by splitting the cookie brittle that finishes off this fantastic gift set.

Wine Country Picnic for Two Shipping Information:

Due to laws in certain states, shipping methods for Wine Country Picnic for Two by ProFlowers may vary. For example, packages containing alcohol must be sent separately from packages containing food in the state of New York. However, regardless of what state you are in, when you order from ProFlowers you can be sure that your order will arrive safely and quickly.

So, it doesn’t matter where in the country you live. The Wine Country Picnic for Two gift set by ProFlowers can give you a little taste of wine country right in your own backyard. It will help you to make a magical memory with that special someone, even if you can’t visit wine country together.

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