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The Winter White Lily Bouquet

The Winter White Lily Bouquet

Flowers have an amazing and strong connection with people and the surroundings. From a long time, humans have placed importance upon many flowers; they have used it as a secret language or used them for expressing their feelings, and sometimes for making herbs and medicines, or to decorate their homes. The symbolism of flowers is chosen on the basis of their sizes, shapes, scents and even colors. 1800 Flowers have come up with an amazing flower arrangement of lilies. With their sweet fragrance and exotic, large flower heads, the beautiful Oriental lilies in Winter White Lily Bouquet are gathered to show the deepest of emotions.

The Winter White Lily Bouquet comes with an elegant gathering of the white Oriental lilies, accented with laurel, salal, eucalyptus and ruscus, with blooms on each of the stem. This variety of freshest greenery with beautiful white lilies is sure to deliver smiles for the upcoming holidays. Oriental lilies are found in the gardens and have been cultivated for more than 3000 years.  They are native to lily species of Japan and Korea and are the hybrids between 2 types of the Japanese lilies; Lilium speciosum and Lilium auratum. Lily is traditionally associated with chastity and purity. The white lily is referred to as the Madonna Lily commonly and it is strongly associated with purity of Virgin Mary, in Roman Catholicism especially.

White lilies are a symbol of rebirth and motherhood in the Greek mythology. Oriental white lilies are a symbol for beauty universally and are extremely beautiful. They express the air of decadence and wealth. White lily is also the birth flower of May. With all these meanings, the Winter White Lily Bouquet is perfect to be sent on holidays to loved ones like friends and family members. Often times, lilies are also kept in churches. Winter White Lily Bouquet can also be used at the funerals as some people symbolize them as restoring the innocence of souls after death.

The Winter White Lily Bouquet comes with several options for the convenience and choice of customers. The Double Bouquet features two times the amount of lilies and it is paired with a beautifully stylish and sleek cylinder glass vase which measures 8”H x 5”D and it costs $74.99. The bouquet with a white ceramic vase having the flared rim measures 8.75”H and it costs $54.99. The flower arrangement with a contemporary flair, green vintage hobnail vase measures 8.75”H and it costs $51.99. The white lilies bouquet with a clear classic glass vase measuring 9”H costs $49.99 whereas a personalized vase with an uploaded personal message or favourite photo creating 8.5” x 11”, completely waterproof and paired with a glass cylinder vase can also be ordered at the price of $49.99. The glass cylinder vase in the Personalised Vase measures 7.75”H.

The Winter White Lily Bouquet can also be ordered without the vase at just the price of $39.99. The lilies arrive in the form of buds which will bloom over the period of 3 to 4 days. Winter White Lily Bouquet is shipped overnight through FedEx or UPS. The flowers are packaged carefully in the signature shipping boxes of 1800 Flowers which are designed to ensure the optimal freshness. The delivery charges of UPS or FedEx, depending upon the merchandise may vary between the costs of $13.99 to $14.99. The flowers from 1800flowers.com are guaranteed to last for at least 7 days.

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